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President salutes retirees as they begin 'new journey'

Some 230 members of the community who will retire this year and their guests gathered for the annual retirement dinner earlier this month and were saluted by President Charles M. Vest.

Noting that the dinner closely follows commencement each year, Dr. Vest said "Commencement, as we know, signifies not so much an end to carefree youth as a new beginning. And retirement, too, while putting one phase of our lives behind us, opens up a new road for a new journey."

The president recounted some of the many changes that have occurred over the past 40 years, the working lifetime of many of those retiring.

"Think how much you have been a part of that change. MIT owes you a tremendous debt of gratitude. MIT is-at heart-the people who have come together to do the best they can in their chosen fields. Our quality and stature, our teaching and research programs, our sense of community and sense of service-these are your doing," Dr. Vest summed up.

He closed by introducing his wife, Rebecca, who read the roll of some 160 retiring members of the community whose total service 4,500 years. They are:

Rocco Albano, Lab for Electromagnetic and Electronic Systems, 34 years.

Dean F. Andrews, Lincoln Group 12, 16 years.

Ralph A. Aubuchon, Lincoln Group 72, 28 years.

Joseph S. Aversa, Lincoln Group 72, 25 years.

Augustus M. Barnes, Lincoln Group 16, 10 years.

John W. Barrett, Research Laboratory of Electronics, 42 years.

Sumner B. Bartlett, Lincoln Group 15, 38 years.

Professor Janos M. Beer, Chemical Engineering, 17 years.

Theodore A. Benson, Lincoln Group 12, 19 years.

Martin W. Berg, Lincoln Group 12, 31 years.

Paul M. Blanchard, Physical Plant, 41 years.

James T. Blasi, Lincoln Group 55, 36 years.

Walter F. Boisclair, Lincoln Group 71, 38 years.

Janice F. Bower, Lincoln Group 17, 15 years.

H. E. (Gene) Brammer, Physical Plant, 34 years.

Professor Sylvain Bromberger, Linguistics and Philosophy, 28 years.

George W. Brooks, Endicott House, five years.

John S. Brownson, Lincoln Group 95, 30 years.

Margaret Jane Button, Lincoln Group 83, 40 years.

Arthur R. Calawa, Lincoln Group 87, 33 years.

Jack Capon, Lincoln Group 44, 30 years.

Bertrand J. Charest, Lincoln Group 96, 32 years.

Professor Catherine V. Chvany, Foreign Languages and Literatures Section, 26 years.

Charles J. Ciacera, Lincoln Group 75, 40 years.

Donald A. Collupy, Graphic Arts, 38 years.

Charles F. Corey, Lincoln Group 28, eight years.

Walter W. Correia, Center for Materials Science and Engineering, 36 years.

Judith E. Crotty, Haystack Observatory, 34 years.

Thomas A. Damery, Lincoln Division I , 25 years.

Alan G. Davis, Physical Plant, 12 years.

Edgar W. Davy, Libraries, 20 years.

Thomas A. DeChicco, Laboratory for Nuclear Science, 36 years.

Eulalia DeSilva, Housing, 24 years.

Joseph T. Dillon, Lincoln Group 11, 19 years.

Andre R. Dion, Lincoln Group 64, 33 years.

Jin H. Dong, Lincoln Group 68, 40 years.

Arthur F. Dotoli, Jr., Lincoln Group 72, 41 years.

Donald F. Duffy, Research Laboratory of Electronics, 31 years.

Professor John Dugundji, Aeronautics and Astronautics, 36 years.

Emil N. DuPont, Millstone, 34 years.

Professor Peter S. Eagleson, Civil and Environmental Engineering, 39 years.

Luvenia Evelyn, Chemical Engineering, 24 years.

Giuseppe A. Ferrante, Lincoln Group 85, 29 years.

James J. Fisher, Jr., Lincoln Group 23, 31 years.

Earl C. Fuller, Property Office, 14 years.

Ramon Gaud, Physical Plant, 17 years.

Francis M. George, Lincoln Group 72, 13 years.

Maud Gilgunn, MIT Press, nine years.

Marilyn A. Gilroy, Lincoln Group 18, 12 years.

David J. Goldstein, Chemical Engineering, 11 years.

Augustus J. Grace, Lincoln Group 71, 10 years.

Barbara Ann Grant, Lincoln Group 87, 24 years.

Doris M. Grant, Lincoln Group , 24 years.

Alfred I. Grayzel, Lincoln Group 95, 17 years.

Robert Hagopian, VP, Resource Development, 26 years.

Professor Imre Halasz, Architecture, 35 years.

Richard C. Hancock, Lincoln Group 82, 31 years.

Robert N. Harlow, Campus Police, 20 years.

James S. Hekimian, Sloan School of Management, 22 years.

Professor Richard M. Held, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, 31 years.

Frank C. Herne, Lincoln Group 54, 30 years.

Orlando Herrera, Housing, 18 years.

Edward M. Hofstetter, Lincoln Group 24, 34 years.

Donald W. Holladay, Computing Support Services, 39 years.

Nancy E. Holway, Lincoln Group 35, 37 years.

Mary Berberian Humber, Lincoln Group 13, 42 years.

Richard P. Ingalls, Haystack Observatory, 39 years.

Ben H. Inouye, Industrial Liaison Program, 11 years.

Ethel L. Jacobs, Medical, 13 years.

Hedy Johannessen, Biology, 19 years.

George W. Johanson, Lincoln Group 72, eight years.

George L. Johnston, Plasma Fusion Center, 17 years.

J. Samuel Jones, Student Financial Aid Office, 36 years.

Joseph W. Kalil, Lincoln Group 44, 40 years.

Professor Daniel M. Kan, Mathematics, 33 years.

Vahe A. Kasparian, Lincoln Group 47, 40 years.

Charles J. Kastrenos, Plasma Fusion Center, 13 years.

Richard V. Keating, Laboratory for Nuclear Science - Bates, 36 years.

William F. Kelley, Media Laboratory, 38 years.

Walter L. Koltun, Harvard-MIT Div Health Sciences and Technology, 26 years.

Costas Kouletsis, Lincoln Group 71, 35 years.

Dennis G. Kuipers, Lincoln Group 28, 23 years.

Catherine M. Lelievre, Libraries, 14 years.

William Z. Lemnios, Lincoln Division 3, 41 years.

Daniel H. Levin, Harvard-MIT Div Health Sciences and Technology, 18 years.

Lois B. Levine, Student Financial Aid Office, 23 years.

Willard A. Lindquist, Lincoln Group 72, 19 years.

Ervin F. Lyon, Lincoln Group 54, 14 years.

James S. Mac, Physical Plant, 15 years.

Alan J. MacDonald, Lincoln Group 42, 39 years.

Dorothy MacDougall, Office of the President, 11 years.

Ralph L. MacLean, Lincoln Group 83, 41 years.

Richard K. MacNabb, National Magnet Laboratory, 26 years.

William B. MacNeill, Lincoln Group 12, 13 years.

Professor Theodore R. Madden, Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences, 43 years.

Patricia M. Marcinowski, Clinical Research Center, 27 years.

E. Larry Mastromattei, Lincoln Group 83, 31 years.

Edward E. McCarthy, Lincoln Group 51, 33 years.

Frank McCarvill, Physical Plant, 11 years.

Robert E. McDonald, Lincoln Group 11, 7 years.

Bernard J. McGovern, Lincoln Group 54, 31 years.

Allen C. McKenney, Lincoln Group 11, 19 years.

Henry F. McLaughlin, Physical Plant, 31 years.

Marie McTighe, Materials Science and Engineering, 18 years.

Richard P. Meuse, Lincoln Group 43, 38 years.

Robert A. Mocklin, Lincoln Group 71, 30 years.

Joseph Molineaux, Campus Police, 21 years.

Guy J. Morac, Housing, 32 years.

Jean E. Morrison, National Magnet Laboratory, 31 years.

Charles Francis Murphy, Physical Plant, 23 years.

Professor John R. Myer, Architecture, 38 years.

James F. Nash, Aeronautics and Astronautics, 26 years.

Edward C. Nelson, Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences, 28 years.

June F. O'Brien, Medical, 27 years.

Joseph W. Palmer, Physical Plant, 44 years.

Pasqualino S. Piccione, Physical Plant, 37 years.

Frank L. Pieciul, Housing, 24 years.

Professor Otto Piene, Architecture, 24 years.

Joseph D. Piro, Lincoln Group 44, 41 years.

John A. Pitingolo, Lincoln Group 13, 40 years.

Helen L. Ploss, Libraries, 21 years.

Richard L. Pober, Materials Processing Center, 18 years.

Hernan C. Praddaude, Lincoln Group 55, 30 years.

Albert G. Prosser, Lincoln Group 18, 32 years.

Alexander D. Rabasco, Plasma Fusion Center, 23 years.

Professor Ernest Rabinowicz, Mechanical Engineering, 42 years.

Professor Norman C. Rasmussen, Nuclear Engineering, 41 years.

Carl P. Reppucci, Lincoln Group 44, 35 years.

Michael J. Riordan, Laboratory for Nuclear Science - Bates, 24 years.

Barbara A. Robbins, Lincoln Director's Office, 30 years.

Lawrence G. Rubin, National Magnet Laboratory, 28 years.

Ralph C. Sanford, Lincoln Group 72, 14 years.

Michael F. Sanseverino, Housing, 25 years.

Connie M. Sartell, Telecommunications Systems, 23 years.

Professor Edgar H. Schein, Sloan School of Management, 37 years.

Harold J. Scott, Lincoln Group 18, 34 years.

Professor Campbell L. Searle, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 45 years.

Joseph Senneville, Lincoln Group 72, 19 years.

Thomas E. Shepherd, Jr., Physical Plant, 25 years.

Mildred Shute, Haystack Observatory, 13 years.

Joseph J. Sicuso, Physical Plant, nine years.

Professor Abraham J. Siegel, Sloan School of Management, 39 years.

Marilyn M. Silva, Linguistics and Philosophy, 32 years.

Professor Maurice K. Smith, Architecture, 34 years.

Julius M. Sobolewski, Lincoln Group 52, 39 years.

Arthur E. Sotak, Lincoln Group 34, 16 years.

John M. Stasio, Physical Plant, 19 years.

Robert G. Stedman, Physical Plant, 35 years.

Alan J. Strauss, Lincoln Group 83, 34 years.

Leonard I. Sudenfield, Materials Science and Engineering, 44 years.

Daniel J. Sullivan, Lincoln Group 82, 25 years.

Marianne K. Taccini, Microreproduction Laboratory, 18 years.

Joan S. Taibbi, Lincoln Group 87, 20 years.

Lora Heims Tessman, Medical, 31 years.

Richard M. Thomas, Libraries, 36 years.

Roger S. Tompkins, Lincoln Group 86, 25 years.

Andrew Vierstra, Jr., Lincoln Group 45, 36 years.

Edward S. Wainwright, Lincoln Group 71, 21 years.

Ebba Walsh, Financial Planning and Management, 23 years.

Walter I. Wells, Lincoln Group 31, 41 years.

Professor Robert V. Whitman, Civil and Environmental Engineering, 44 years.

Elizabeth J. Whittaker, Chairman of the Corporation, 30 years.

Irving Wigdor, Lincoln Group 54, 17 years.

Frank R. Winsor, Campus Activities Complex, 29 years.

Murray Wiseman, Physical Plant, 12 years.

A version of this article appeared in the June 16, 1993 issue of MIT Tech Talk (Volume 37, Number 36).

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