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MIT campus police cite helpers

Two individuals and one organization received plaques for outstanding service in crime prevention on campus at the Campus Police Department's annual appreciation luncheon earlier this month.

Kathleen A. Bergeron, a senior in mechanical engineering, was honored for her efforts in making Project Awareness a well-known organization among students. Project Awareness is a program to increase students' responsibility for protection of themselves and their belongings.

Robert Coate, facilities officer of Whitaker College, was cited for initiating a number of seminars on crime prevention and personal safety for his colleagues. He is also an active participant in the campus-wide crime prevention network.

The staff of the Office of Housing and Food Services-particularly Lawrence Maguire, Kenneth Wisentaner and Carl Seagren-was recognized for its ongoing efforts in insuring the safety of students.

In addition five others were awarded certificates for specific activities during the past year.

Walter Babiek, a junior in mechanical engineering, member of Project Awareness, and resident of 500 Memorial Drive, for organizing house presidents to get more students involved in Project Awareness.

John Fucillo, operations administrator in biology, for improving security in areas that were the targets of previous thefts and arranging safety presentations.

Joanne Miller, assistant director of the News Office, for making space available in Tech Talk for the weekly Crimewatch column and other articles as needed.

Eva Moy, a sophomore in mechanical engineering and member of Project Awareness, for her interviews and articles concerning the well-being of students for The Tech.

Sally Wright administrative services manager in the Medical Department, for her weekly newsletter which includes crime prevention tips and arranging a Streetwise and Safe program.

A version of this article appeared in the April 28, 1993 issue of MIT Tech Talk (Volume 37, Number 30).

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