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Three are promoted in personnel

Joan F. Rice, director of personnel, has announced the promotions of three members of her staff:

  • David B. Achenbach has become manager of labor relations.
  • Claire L. Paulding has become manager of Faculty and Staff Information Services (FASIS).
  • Cynthia L. Vallino has been named manager of employment.

Claire Paulding was recently promoted from assistant manager to manager of Faculty and Staff Information Services (FASIS). In her new role, Ms. Paulding is responsible for maintaining employment records as well as the personnel database system, the new applicant tracking system, and all hardware and software used in Personnel.

Prior to her 10 years as assistant manager of FASIS, Ms. Paulding held a variety of positions in the Personnel Office. An earlier assignment required knowledge and use of an IBM mainframe, and she became Personnel's unofficial expert on office hardware and was responsible for a variety of personnel-related computer programs.

"Although technology changes, it is essential that the FASIS Office insure the confidentiality of all personnel records while maintaining the integrity of personnel data supplied to the rest of the Institute," Ms. Paulding said. She sees her role as being a responsive agent for change in meeting the evolving needs of the Institute.

Ms. Vallino has become manager of employment but continues as staff assistant to Ms. Rice, with responsibilities in personnel policy development and communications. In her new role, Ms Vallino will assume responsibility applicant processing, employment recruitment procedures, publication of the Positions Available listings and unemployment compensation.

Ms Vallino originally joined the Personnel Office in 1987 as a personnel officer for the Resource Development and Treasurer's Offices. In addition to her regular duties, she worked on special projects relating to policy-communications, including assisting with a comprehensive revision of the MIT Personnel Policy Manual, the MIT Affirmative Action Plan and development of the employee newsletter, 'Employee Perspectives.'

Before joining the Personnel Office, Ms Vallino worked as an administrative assistant in the MIT Chemical Engineering department while pursuing graduate studies in counseling psychology at Lesley College.

Mr. Achenbach has recently been named manager of labor relations with responsibilities for problem resolution and contract negotiations with the Institute's bargaining units.

Mr. Achenbach joined the Personnel Office a little more than a year ago as assistant manager. Before coming to MIT, he worked the City of Boston as assistant corporation counsel in the Office of Labor Relations where he gained valuable experience working with contracts and unions.

"In talking with people about what they do, I find they have enthusiasm for projects and tasks and an unusually strong sense of involvement and commitment, Mr. Achenbach said. "The fact that employees feel this way about working here is one of the Institute's greatest strengths.

"The world of work is growing in complexity every year. Last year saw the passage of two major pieces of federal legislation-the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act-both of which may potentially effect all employees at the Institute," he added I found my involvement with education and training to implement the employment aspects of the ADA particularly challenging and rewarding."

A version of this article appeared in the June 16, 1993 issue of MIT Tech Talk (Volume 37, Number 36).

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