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New dialing procedures announced

The March issue of the i/s Newsletter announced new dialing procedures for access to alternative long distance carriers. However, because of technical difficulties, the new dialing procedures for carriers (other than AT&T and New England Telephone Co.) have been modified, effective April 30.

For Operator Assisted Calls Dial 9+10XXX+0 or 190+10XXX+0.

10XXX is an equal access code format where XXX is a three digit carrier code. For your information, the 10XXX codes for the major carriers are: MCI 10222, Sprint 10333.

For a Carrier Credit Card or PIN Call Dial 9+1+800+Phone Number

The 800 number will vary by carrier and can usually be found on your carrier calling card. If you are using one of the major carriers the 800 numbers are:

MCI: Dial 9+1+800+950+1022 Sprint: Dial 9+1+800+877+8000

For calls using AT&T or New England Telephone Co, the dialing procedures remain as previously announced: United States & Canada 190+0+Area Code+Phone Number

International 190+01+Codes+Phone Number

For questions, please call extension 3-HELP.

A version of this article appeared in the April 28, 1993 issue of MIT Tech Talk (Volume 37, Number 30).

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