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Ames Street to be rebuilt

MIT began a complete rebuilding of one block of Ames Street, from Main Street to Amherst Street, on Monday, August 16.

The MIT-funded project will include a tunnel under Ames Street between two MIT buildings. The tunnel, recently approved by the City Council, will connect the new biology building to the Seely G. Mudd Building (E17) across the street, providing safe access for personnel and equipment.

The project will provide:

  • ������complete full-depth reconstruction of the street to provide a smooth surface for vehicular travel.
  • complete reconstruction of portions of the sidewalk for improved pedestrian safety.
  • relocation of utilities from overhead lines to underground conduits.
  • new landscaping including trees and shrubs along portions of the street.
  • installation of a crosswalk at the heavily used bend in the street, providing pedestrians with a safe crossing point.
  • installation of new street lights along both sides of the street to improve night-time safety.

The number and width of parking and travel lanes will be maintained. Once completed, the MIT Planning Office said, the new Ames Street will provide both pedestrians and motorists a pleasant and safe streetscape along which to travel.

To complete the project as quickly as possible and thus limit the inconvenience it might cause, the street will be closed to through traffic during the four-month construction period, re-opening in mid-December. Alternative routes for both pedestrians and motorists on adjoining streets will be available, allowing full access to all destinations in the Kendall Square area.

A version of this article appeared in the August 25, 1993 issue of MIT Tech Talk (Volume 38, Number 3).

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