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142 MITers are honored at retirement dinner

"I consider retirement as a commencement, similar to the one we held yesterday for the students," President Charles M. Vest said in remarks to the annual retirement dinner on June 2. "You are completing one phase of your lives and beginning another," he told some 200 honorees and their guests.

Dr. Vest urged those retiring to consider spending some of their newly available time in volunteer activities, noting that opportunities range from the Cambridge School Volunteer Program to the Alaska Department of Parks. A new program in the Office of Special Community Services maintains a database of volunteer positions in approximately 1,700 nonprofit agencies.

"Don't think that I don't appreciate that you've earned your free time," Dr. Vest said. "I'm only thinking that you represent a skilled and experienced group of people who can contribute much to others. After All, MIT has benefited from your talents for 3,545 years.

"MIT is-at heart-the people who have come together to do the best they can in their chosen fields. Our quality and stature, our teaching and research programs, our sense of community and service-these are your doing.

"MIT is a better place because of you.

"Let me close with a toast: Good health, long life, much joy to you all!"

The members of the 1992 retirement class are:

Robert W. Aalerud, Research Laboratory of Electronics, 28 years.

Helen M. Albert, Center for Technology, Policy, and Industrial Development, eight years.

Leonard E. Andexler, Nuclear Reactor Laboratory, 32 years.

Professor Nesmith C. Ankeny, Mathematics, 37 years.

Roy C. Archibald, Lincoln Laboratory Group 71, 39 years.

Francis Aubry, Housing Office, 18 years.

John J. Barbato, Physical Plant, 16 years.

Ann I. Barrett, Lincoln Laboratory Division 3, 12 years.

Henry W. Belding, Lincoln Laboratory Group 15, 39 years.

Robert S. Berg, Lincoln Laboratory Group 63, 41 years.

John C. Berlinguet Jr., Physical Plant, 12 years.

Charles V. Berney, Chemical Engineering, 18 years.

Anne Ellen Bowes, Center for Space Research, 13 years.

Lee C. Bradley III, Lincoln Laboratory Group 54, 27 years.

Carlos S. Branco, Physical Plant, 12 years.

Professor Gordon L. Brownell, Nuclear Engineering, 42 years.

Anita I. Butler, Physical Plant, 21 years.

James T. Butterworth, Lincoln Laboratory Group 67, 38 years.

Angelo F. Caldarone, Lincoln Laboratory Group 72, 20 years.

William W. Camp, Lincoln Laboratory Division 3, 34 years.

Clarence E. Chaklos, Physical Plant, 29 years.

Ann W. Chick, Ocean Engineering, 15 years.

Ruth Ann Christiansen, Graphic Arts, 36 years.

James W. Coleman, Graphic Arts, 38 years.

Myles T. Connors, Graphic Arts, 31 years.

John F. Craven, Lincoln Laboratory, Haystack, 13 years.

Stanley R. Curley Lincoln Laboratory Group 36, nine years.

Joseph DiBartolo Jr., Lincoln Laboratory Group 42, 40 years.

Dana H. Dickey, Lincoln Laboratory Group 51, 34 years.

James F. Donahue, Laboratory for Nuclear Science, 30 years.

William H. Drury, Lincoln Laboratory Group 43, 36 years.

Rodolphe A. Dube, Lincoln Laboratory Group 72, 20 years.

Maria T. Wehrle Due, Materials Processing Center, 25 years.

Frank H. Durgin, Aeronautics and Astronautics, 43 years.

Hubert R. Durling Jr., Lincoln Laboratory, Millstone, eight years.

Arthur C. Dyer III, Lincoln Laboratory, Firepond, 35 years.

Professor Peter Elias, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 41 years.

Professor Lawrence B. Evans, Chemical Engineering, 29 years.

June A. Ferracane, Treasurer's Office, 28 years.

Mary Filoso, Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory, 36 years.

Joseph K. Fish, Laboratory for Nuclear Science, 24 years.

James J. FitzGerald, Lincoln Laboratory Group 28, 35 years.

Peter H. Flagg, Administrative Systems Development, 17 years.

Winston E. Flynn, Registrar's Office, 18 years.

Joseph V. Forgione, Physical Plant, 10 years.

Mary Fotis, Center for Cancer Research, 36 years.

David R. Gabbe, Center for Materials Science and Engineering, 29 years.

Leonard V. Gallagher, Student Financial Aid Office, 25 years.

Inaki Garabieta-Orueta, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, 26 years.

Edward J. Gaudiano, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 36 years.

Haig G. Gechijian, Physical Plant, 20 years.

Spiros G. Geotis, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, 40 years.

Donald J. Giard, Cell Cuture Center, 18 years.

Norma M. Gicka, Sloan School of Management, 13 years.

Arthur J. Giordani, Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems, 30, years.

Lawrence J. Giove, Housing Office, 22 years.

Helena V. Goldfarb, Center for Materials Science and Engineering, 11 years.

Barbara Grant, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, 19 years.

Ralph V. Gray, Lincoln Laboratory Group 87, 38 years.

Joseph Gulino, Physical Plant, 18 years.

Mary J. Gulino, Office of Campaign Systems, 13 years.

Thomas W. Halpin Sr., Physical Plant, 13 years.

Merrill G. Harper, Environmental Medical Service, 30 years.

Louise M. Harrigan, Physics, 28 years.

Philip J. Harrington, Physical Plant, 25 years.

Pearson E. Harris, Physical Plant, 25 years.

Marcus D. Haynes, Physical Plant, 12 years.

Paul F. Hennessey, Housing Office, 13 years.

Arthur Herald, Lincoln Laboratory Group 11, 12 years.

Albert J. Hester, Physical Plant, 19 years.

Soonsung Hong, Lincoln Laboratory Group 32, 26 years.

Vincentia I. Humber, Physical Plant, 14 years.

Luther Jackson, Physical Plant, 22 years.

Ralph V. Jackson, Physical Plant, 34 years.

Kate Levy Jacobs, Aeronautics and Astronautics, 13 years.

Professor Frank S. Jones, Urban Studies and Planning, 24 years.

Dr. H. Walter Jones Jr., Medical Department, 21 years.

Robert E. Jones, Foreign Languages and Literatures, 25 years.

Michael J. Karaffa, Physical Plant, 23 years

Elenore D. Kehoe, Nuclear Engineering, 38 years.

Julian Keilson, Sloan School of Management, six years.

David R. Kelland, Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory, 25 years.

Robert J. Keyes, Lincoln Laboratory Group 53, 19 years.

Professor H. Gobind Khorana, Biology, 22 years.

Patrick F. Kiley, Physical Plant, 26 years.

John J. LaPlume, Physical Plant, 26 years.

Edward R. Lavalle, Research Laboratory of Electronics, 14 years.

Linnea Layton, Dean's Office, School of Science, 10 years.

Lillian L. Lee, Lincoln Fiscal Office, 22 years.

Professor Patrick Leehey, Mechanical Engineering, 28 years.

Mary E. Leeman, Graphic Arts, 25 years.

Bernard A. Leslie, Lincoln Laboratory Group 12, 20 years.

Mathias J. Leupold, Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory, 42 years.

Norma A. Lord, Office of Laboratory Supplies, 30 years.

Institute Professor Francis E. Low, Physics, 36 years.

Harry J. Lynch, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, 21 years.

Andrew M. MacDougall Jr., Physical Plant, 36 years.

William M. Malone, Athletic Department, 31 years.

Ellen J. Mandigo, Aeronautics and Astronautics, 49 years.

Angelo A. Manganaro, Lincoln Laboratory Group 72, 40 years.

Professor Robert W. Mann, Mechanical Engineering, 41 years.

Thomas R. Manning, Physical Plant, 23 years.

William C. Mason, Lincoln Laboratory Group 28, 21 years.

Ralph Mastrangelo, Physical Plant, 14 years.

Shirley M. McBay, Dean for Student Affairs, 12 years.

Shirley C. McGowan, President's Office, 28 years.

Carol Ann McIntire, Civil Engineering, 12 years.

Edward D. McNulty, Campus Police, 10 years.

Ralph D. McPherson, Lincoln Laboratory, Millstone, 29 years.

William R. Miller, Lincoln Laboratory Group 12, 17 years.

Jean A. Mooney, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 32 years.

James A. Moscillo, Lincoln Laboratory Group 72, 39 years.

Dr. John M. Moses, Medical Department, 14 years.

L. Frances O'Donnell, Admissions Office, 28 years.

Bruce B. Oliver, Plasma Fusion Center, 13 years.

Lawrence H. Peavey, Lincoln Laboratory, Firepond, five years.

Nancy M. Peters, Linguistics and Philosophy, 21 years.

Edward L. Philbrick Jr., Lincoln Laboratory Group 45, 18 years.

Dr. Chester M. Pierce, Medical Department, 22 years.

Mary C. Poulos, Alumni/Alumnae Association, 13 years.

Professor Lucian W. Pye, Political Science, 36 years.

Rita H. Queen, Sea Grant College Program, 21 years.

Theodore M. Quist, Lincoln Laboratory Group 53, 33 years.

Robert H. Rediker, Lincoln Laboratory Group 85, 40 years.

Joseph D. Ricchio, Laboratory for Computer Science, 14 years.

Eva Ritter-Walker, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, 25 years.

Charles R. Russo Jr., Laboratory for Nuclear Science, Bates, 19 years.

William Ryan, Campus Police, nine years.

Peter A. Santoro, Physical Plant, 25 years.

Constance T. Sarantos, Lincoln Fiscal Office, 11 years.

Professor Charles N. Satterfield, Chemical Engineering, 48 years.

Professor Donald A. Schon, Urban Studies and Planning, 24 years.

Antero Severino, Lincoln Laboratory Group 12, 11 years.

David J. Shearman, Lincoln Laboratory Group 96, 40 years.

Murray L. Somerville, Chemistry, 37 years.

Manuel J. Souza, Lincoln Laboratory Group 11, 18 years.

John H. Stowe, Physical Plant, 39 years.

Esther Swartz, President's Office, 20 years.

Kenneth L. Thompson, Physical Plant, 42 years.

Professor David C. White, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 40 years.

George Robert Young, Lincoln Laboratory, Millstone, 25 years.

Anna E. Zaitz, Lincoln Laboratory Group 82, 30 years.

A version of this article appeared in the June 17, 1992 issue of MIT Tech Talk (Volume 36, Number 34).

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