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Sports and fitness

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Fox News

Graduate student John Urschel discusses his new book and passion for both math and football on Fox and Friends. “Football coaches, they tell their best players to dream big,” says Urschel. “I would love to see math teachers telling their students you can be an elite mathematician, you can be a top physicist, you can even dream to be the next Einstein.”

ABC News

ABC News reporter Layne Winn spotlights MIT alumna Payal Kadakia’s company ClassPass, which streamlines the process of finding and booking fitness classes. Kadakia, a lifelong dancer, was inspired to start the platform when searching for a new ballet class. Kadakia says she, “fought for a way to keep dance in my life and with ClassPass I believe I'm fighting for everyone else to keep their passion in their life.”


Patrick Rishe of Forbes writes about the 2017 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. Rishe notes that the conference’s “combination of knowledge, presentations, and networking opportunities is off-the-charts, and a must for programs who wish to be taken seriously in the Sports Business space.”

USA Today

Writing for USA Today about the benefits of exercise, Karen Weintraub spotlights MIT’s physical education requirement. Carrie Sampson Moore, director of physical education, explains that students are able to “establish a pattern of health that will help not only them,” but also prepare them to be “role models for their students and employees” in the future.

CBS News

Vladimir Duthiers of CBS News reports on the MIT football team’s undefeated season. The team’s head coach, Chad Martinovich, says of the Engineers that, “whether it’s academics, athletics, research, clubs, activities, whatever it is they do, they look to excel.”