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New Scientist

In an article for New Scientist, Anna Nowogrodzki writes that MIT researchers have developed a device that allows users to answer the phone with a kick of their foot. “The system’s algorithm analyses the foot’s motion and transmits the information via Bluetooth to your phone,” writes Nowogrodzki. 


Prof. Sherry Turkle speaks with Arianna Huffington about her new book and how smartphones affect our ability to connect with one another. Turkle explains that her research shows “we are too busy connecting to have the conversations that count.”


Forbes reporter Jennifer Hicks writes about MIT spinoff EyeNetra, which is developing a self-diagnostic eye test could lead to customized, virtual-reality screens. “EyeNetra’s technology measures how a user’s optical refractive errors will affect how they see patterns on a digital display, just like a VR headset,” Hicks explains. 


Davis Schneiderman of The Huffington Post speaks with Prof. Sherry Turkle about her book examining how smartphones and other digital technologies are impacting relationships. “My message of this project is not that you shouldn't enjoy your Twitter, it's just that when you're talking to me, you should put it aside,” says Turkle. 

FT- Financial Times

Financial Times reporter Simon Kuper writes about Prof. Sherry Turkle’s new book, “Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age,” which examines the impact of smartphones on human interaction. Turkle recommends establishing “times and places when it’s socially unacceptable to be online.”

Chronicle of Higher Education

In an essay adapted from her new book for The Chronicle of Higher Education, Prof. Sherry Turkle writes about teaching and learning in the digital era. Turkle explains that laptops and smartphones should be “part of our creative lives. The goal is to use them with greater intention, to live with them in greater harmony.”

The Washington Post

Washington Post reporter Carlos Lozada reviews Prof. Sherry Turkle’s new book, “Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age.” Lozada writes that, “This is a persuasive and intimate book, one that explores the minutiae of human relationships.” 

Boston Globe

MIT researchers have developed a website that displays information on how people use their cellphones in different neighborhoods and times, reports Kevin Hartnett for The Boston Globe. Prof. Carlo Ratti explains that the data says, “a lot about how we live and how our cities work.”