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Boeing plans to open a research center in a new building being developed as part of MIT’s Kendall Square Initiative, reports Katrina Lewis and Julie Johnsson for Bloomberg News. Johnsson and Lewis explain that, “the center will support research for Boeing NeXt, an initiative aimed at a new wave of flying technologies.”

Boston Business Journal

Boston Business Journal reporter Catherine Carlock writes that Boeing will come to Kendall Square to develop a new autonomous flight research center. Boeing is the first major tenant announced as part of MIT’s Kendall Square Initiative. Provost Martin Schmidt explains that Boeing’s presence in Kendall Square, “will create an unprecedented opportunity for new synergies in this industry.”


Boeing will establish a research center in one of MIT’s new buildings in Kendall Square, reports Zeninjor Enwemeka for WBUR. Provost Martin Schmidt explains that Boeing’s proximity to campus offers MIT, “a research partner, somebody who brings very interesting and important problems in future transportation systems.”

The Boston Globe

“One of the biggest names in aerospace is coming to MIT’s front door,” writes Boston Globe reporter Tim Logan, explaining that Boeing will lease space in one of the buildings MIT is developing in Kendall Square. “We want to bring corporate partners to the edge of our campus to facilitate stronger and deeper interactions with our community,” says Provost Martin Schmidt.

Boston Globe

Boston Globe reporter Tim Logan writes that Roche Bros. Supermarkets will open a Brothers Market in MIT’s One Broadway Building. Steve Marsh, managing director of MIT’s Real Estate Group, explained that a grocery store was, “so important to those who live and work in Kendall that we worked to incorporate it in the earliest possible phase of our development.”

Boston Globe

Writing for The Boston Globe, Tim Logan writes that MIT filed a mixed-use zoning petition for the 14-acre Volpe site in Kendall Square. Logan notes that the Volpe redevelopment is part of a broader push by MIT to make Kendall Square, “feel more like a fully-fledged neighborhood.”

Boston Globe

Boston Globe reporter Tim Logan writes that MIT has unveiled preliminary plans for the Volpe Center site. Logan writes that the plans currently include “1,400 housing units — one-fifth set at affordable rents — 1.7 million square feet of office and lab space, street-level retail and three acres of greenspace on the campus.”

Boston Globe

Boston Globe reporter Tim Logan writes that MIT has signed an agreement to redevelop the Volpe Center site. “What we have in mind is a big vision,” says Israel Ruiz, MIT’s executive vice president and treasurer. “We want to do more in Kendall Square. This enables us to do it at a level of scale.”

Boston Globe

Boston Globe reporter Tim Logan writes that federal officials announced the initial section of MIT to redevelop the Volpe Transportation Center in Kendall Square. “They understand how to work in Cambridge,” says Greg Vasil of the Greater Boston Real Estate Board of MIT’s long history in the area. “With something this big and intricate, that can really pay off.”

Boston Globe

Tim Logan writes for The Boston Globe that in a new paper MIT researchers estimate how much the proposed Green Line extension has boosted property values. Graduate student Austin Paul explains that thus far, “we’ve probably only seen prices go up 40 percent” of where they may ultimately end up.

New York Times

Prof. Dennis Frenchman spoke to Lisa Prevost of The New York Times about the possibilities for development in South Boston’s Seaport. Students in Frenchman’s real estate development studio program envisioned “inspiring visions of robotics production spaces beneath apartment houses, waterfront ‘maker’ spaces, like breweries and chocolatiers, and co-working spaces for entrepreneurs."

Boston Magazine

In a Boston Magazine article about six city squares in Boston, Joseph Mendolia writes that MIT’s plan for Kendall Square, “which is slated to bring 740 apartments—not to mention additional office, retail, and research space—to the square,” could help bring a neighborhood feel to the the area. 

Boston Globe

Tim Logan writes for The Boston Globe that MIT has received approval to develop new buildings, open spaces, restaurants, research and commercial spaces in Kendall Square. “We want to create a greater sense of place,” says Provost Martin Schmidt. “A greater place to live and learn, not only for our community, but also for our neighbors.”

Cambridge Chronicle

Erin Baldassari writes for The Cambridge Chronicle about MIT’s plans for six new buildings in Kendall Square. “As a bold new gateway to MIT, Kendall Square opens a new frontier for us to reimagine the relationship between town and gown,” said Hashim Sarkis, dean of the School of Architecture and Planning.


Sam Henken writes for BostInno about MIT’s Kendall Square Initiative. "This project is really important to the academic mission of MIT," said Provost Marty Schmidt. "MIT as an institution really focuses on how we can take the ideas on this campus and move them out so they have impact."