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Real estate

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The Boston Globe

Prof. Albert Saiz discusses how older Americans are impacting the real estate market in the Greater Boston area. “There’s a mismatch now,” saysSaiz. “As people age in place, these households tend to be two people or sometimes one person in maybe a three- or four-bedroom home. Since they’re not downsizing as we expected, we have a huge, huge need for bigger homes to host younger families.”

Reserve and National Guard Magazine

Graduate student Reilly John Nuckel, a captain in the New Jersey Air National Guard, talks with Reserve and National Guard Magazine about the importance of building community and the meaningful role the Student Veterans of America chapter plays on campus. Nuckel says he often encourages veterans who are nervous about going back to school: “You have the skills, you have the knowledge. You deserve to be in the classroom with everybody else because of the steps you took to be there.”


A new analysis by lecturer Eric Robsky Huntley finds that communities of color were hit harder by new eviction filings than white residents after Massachusetts’s eviction moratorium ended in October 2020, reports Adam Reilly for GBH. “Huntley also found that there were nearly twice as many eviction filings per renter in predominately nonwhite communities as in predominantly white ones – and, in certain municipalities, the disparity was even greater,” writes Reilly.


Politco reporter Catherine Boudreau explores a study by researchers from MIT’s Real Estate Innovation Lab offers suggestions on how people can reduce their carbon footprints when shopping. “My biggest takeaway is to be a more mindful consumer. Try not to get in the car to go shop. If you do, make it a big shopping trip to avoid multiple trips. Walking and biking always wins,” explains research scientist Andrea Chegut. 


Forbes contributor Amy Dobson spotlights a new report co-authored by researchers from MIT’s Real Estate Innovation Lab that “tracks the nearly 8,000 ‘proptech’ firms around the world that serve everything from how people buy, sell and market properties to innovations in building materials and methods.”

Boston Business Journal

Boston Business Journal reporter Catherine Carlock spotlights how MIT has submitted plans for the second phase of the Volpe redevelopment in Kendall Square. “The second phase could house a combined 1,400 residential units; 1.7 million square feet of lab, research and office space; a 20,000-square-foot community center; 3.5 acres of open space and other retail, entertainment and cultural facilities,” writes Carlock.

Boston Globe

Boston Globe reporter Tim Logan writes about how MIT has submitted design plans for the next phase of its proposal to transform the Volpe Transportation Center into a dynamic mixed-use development, including “eight office and residential towers on the 14-acre site north of Broadway.”


Bloomberg reporter Kriston Capps finds that evictions disproportionately impact Black renters in the City of Boston. Capps writes that the “research shows that communities of color — eviction hubs even under normal times — are already bearing the disproportionate burden of the pandemic housing crisis.”


Prof. Albert Saiz speaks with Greg Rosalsky on NPR’s Planet Money podcast about affordable housing and rent control. “The evidence is very clear that rent control doesn't work the way it's intended to work,” says Saiz. “There are policies that look a bit like rent control but that do not necessarily distort the housing market.”


Boeing plans to open a research center in a new building being developed as part of MIT’s Kendall Square Initiative, reports Katrina Lewis and Julie Johnsson for Bloomberg News. Johnsson and Lewis explain that, “the center will support research for Boeing NeXt, an initiative aimed at a new wave of flying technologies.”

Boston Business Journal

Boston Business Journal reporter Catherine Carlock writes that Boeing will come to Kendall Square to develop a new autonomous flight research center. Boeing is the first major tenant announced as part of MIT’s Kendall Square Initiative. Provost Martin Schmidt explains that Boeing’s presence in Kendall Square, “will create an unprecedented opportunity for new synergies in this industry.”


Boeing will establish a research center in one of MIT’s new buildings in Kendall Square, reports Zeninjor Enwemeka for WBUR. Provost Martin Schmidt explains that Boeing’s proximity to campus offers MIT, “a research partner, somebody who brings very interesting and important problems in future transportation systems.”

The Boston Globe

“One of the biggest names in aerospace is coming to MIT’s front door,” writes Boston Globe reporter Tim Logan, explaining that Boeing will lease space in one of the buildings MIT is developing in Kendall Square. “We want to bring corporate partners to the edge of our campus to facilitate stronger and deeper interactions with our community,” says Provost Martin Schmidt.

Boston Globe

Boston Globe reporter Tim Logan writes that Roche Bros. Supermarkets will open a Brothers Market in MIT’s One Broadway Building. Steve Marsh, managing director of MIT’s Real Estate Group, explained that a grocery store was, “so important to those who live and work in Kendall that we worked to incorporate it in the earliest possible phase of our development.”

Boston Globe

Writing for The Boston Globe, Tim Logan writes that MIT filed a mixed-use zoning petition for the 14-acre Volpe site in Kendall Square. Logan notes that the Volpe redevelopment is part of a broader push by MIT to make Kendall Square, “feel more like a fully-fledged neighborhood.”