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Boston Herald

Boston Herald reporter Jordan Graham writes that a new nonprofit founded by MIT has been selected as the winner of a Department of Defense contest to establish a fiber research center. “The center and the institute is going to go anywhere fiber and fabric goes,” explains Prof. Yoel Fink, who led the proposal for the institute. 

Boston Globe

A consortium led by MIT has won a competition to host a federally funded research program focused on bringing the textile industry into the digital age, reports Jon Chesto for The Boston Globe. “Here is a bold vision that’s not just manufacturing stuff that we know about but also enabling a whole new interpretation of the fabric industry,” says Prof. Yoel Fink. 


WGBH reporter Mike Deehan writes that MIT will play a key role in a new public-private partnership aimed at expanding the use of photonics in manufacturing. Prof. Krystyn Van Vliet explains that MIT will coordinate the "education and workforce development program for the entire nation in this area.”

Cambridge Chronicle

Erin Baldassari writes for The Cambridge Chronicle about MIT’s plans for six new buildings in Kendall Square. “As a bold new gateway to MIT, Kendall Square opens a new frontier for us to reimagine the relationship between town and gown,” said Hashim Sarkis, dean of the School of Architecture and Planning.


Sam Henken writes for BostInno about MIT’s Kendall Square Initiative. "This project is really important to the academic mission of MIT," said Provost Marty Schmidt. "MIT as an institution really focuses on how we can take the ideas on this campus and move them out so they have impact."

Boston Globe

Philips is moving its North American research headquarters to Kendall Square and has announced a $25 million research alliance with MIT, reports Boston Globe correspondent Karen Weintraub. MIT and Philips have a “resonance on specific technical issues, but also on the approach to innovation,” says Associate Provost Karen Gleason.


Gus Iverson writes for DOTmed about the new alliance between MIT and Philips aimed at spurring innovation in health care and lighting solutions technology. Philips will also be relocating its research hub to Kendall Square, which Henk van Houten, executive vice president and general manager of Philips Research, called "a thriving innovation ecosystem."

Boston Herald

According to The Boston Herald, “Amsterdam’s Royal Philips N.V and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have signed a five-year, $25 million research alliance to develop healthtech solutions and digital connected lighting systems.” Philips will also move its North American research headquarters to Cambridge.


MedTech Boston reporter Jenni Whalen writes that Philips has formed an alliance with MIT and plans to move its North American research headquarters to Cambridge. “By moving to Cambridge and collaborating with MIT, its staff and its partners, Philips can work with some of the best minds in the world,” explains Henk van Houten, executive vice president and general manager of Philips Research. 

Fortune- CNN

Stacey Higginbotham of Fortune writes about a new $25 million partnership between Philips and MIT in which the company will move its North American R&D headquarters to Cambridge: “Given that Philips will focus on lighting and healthcare technology for its R&D, Boston makes a considerable amount of sense, especially on the health side.”