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EAPS graduate student Meghana Ranganathan studies glaciers to better calibrate climate models.

Ice, ice, maybe

EAPS graduate student Meghana Ranganathan zooms into the microstructure of ice streams to better understand the impacts of climate change.

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“If in the 1980s you asked people what would the [mobility] system look like 20 years in the future, they would say it would probably be the same,” Associate Professor Jinhua Zhao says. “Now, really nobody knows what it will it look like.”

What moves people?

Associate Professor Jinhua Zhao, who will direct the new MIT Mobility Initiative, brings behavioral science to urban transportation.

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Physics graduate student Danielle Frostig awaits the lifting of travel restrictions to mount a astronomical instrument she helped develop on the Magellan Telescope in Las Campanas, Chile.

Capturing stardust

Danielle Frostig, a physics graduate student, is developing an instrument to study how the heaviest elements in the universe are produced.

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