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The Tech

MIT has unveiled a new memorial to honor Officer Sean Collier, writes Jennifer Switzer for The Tech. “The permanent memorial is intended to be a place of remembrance and reflection, a place that evokes the strength of Collier Strong, a place that reflects the connectedness of our community,” said Executive Vice President Israel Ruiz.

CBS Boston

Bernice Corpuz reports for CBS Radio on the construction of a new memorial to honor Officer Sean Collier that was designed to embody the spirit of “Collier Strong.” Prof. J. Meejin Yoon explains that the memorial is made up of “32 unique, solid granite blocks working together to support each other to create an impossibly flat five-way vault.”

Boston Globe

On Wednesday, MIT dedicated a new “curving, star-shaped memorial” in honor of Officer Sean Collier, Steve Annear reports for The Boston Globe. The memorial’s architect, Prof. J. Meejin Yoon, explained that she designed the “memorial to not only look strong, but to have a position about that strength,” explains Yoon. 


WHDH reporter Byron Barnett reports from MIT on the dedication of a new permanent memorial commemorating the life and legacy of Officer Sean Collier. Barnett reports that the monument is “an MIT engineering marvel: Five granite arches leaning in on each other, held in place by the laws of physics.” 

Boston 25 News

Joy Lim Nakrin of Fox 25 reports on the construction and dedication of the memorial built in honor of Officer Sean Collier. “When asked to design the memorial by the Collier Committee, I was both honored and very nervous and anxious. How could any physical structure truly commemorate this incredible life and service?” said Prof. J. Meejin Yoon, the memorial’s architect. 

Associated Press

The Associated Press reports that MIT has dedicated a new memorial in honor of Officer Sean Collier. The memorial, “features five granite walls arranged in a radial pattern resembling the spread fingers of an open hand, connected by a vault in the center where ‘In the line of duty, Sean Collier April 18, 2013’ is etched.” 


NECN reports on the “National Peace Officers Memorial Day” ceremony in which fallen MIT Officer Sean Collier was among those honored. More than half the MIT police force turned out for the service held in Washington, D.C.

Associated Press

The Associated Press features the remembrance ceremony held in honor of Officer Sean Collier on Friday, April 18.


WCVB’s Jack Harper reports on the ceremony held to honor Officer Sean Collier and the rally to support the MIT Strong marathon team, which is raising funds for the Collier Memorial Fund.

Boston 25 News

“During a remembrance ceremony at MIT, Officer Sean Collier is recalled as a young man with a kind heart, an adventurous spirit, spot-on instincts and someone with the willingness to help a stranger,” reports Sharman Sacchetti for FOX 25.


Reporting for WBUR, Bob Oakes and Shannon Dooling look back at the night Officer Sean Collier was killed.

The Washington Post

“On Friday, friends, family and residents of greater Boston came together to insist that Sean Collier, remembered as an outgoing and friendly MIT campus police officer, will not be forgotten,” writes Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery of the memorial ceremony held for Sean Collier.

Los Angeles Times

Michael Muskal of the Los Angeles Times reports on MIT’s remembrance for Officer Sean Collier, as well as efforts to raise funds for the Collier Memorial Fund, which will pay for scholarships at MIT and at the Massachusetts Police Academy.


CBS reports on the ceremony held April 18 to honor Officer Sean Collier, as well as plans for a permanent memorial to be constructed in his memory.


“At a service on MIT’s North Quad — near where Collier was fatally shot, and where MIT will place a permanent memorial to him — MIT Police Chief John DiFava called Collier a ‘hero,’” reports WBUR’s Fred Thys about the memorial service commemorating Officer Sean Collier.