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Mobile applications

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CNN Money

Contessa Gayles writes for CNN Money about Promise Tracker, an app developed at MIT that helps to determine whether politicians keep campaign promises. Promise Tracker is being piloted in the Brazilian cities of São Paulo and Belo Horizonte this fall to monitor the mayors of those cities.

New Scientist

New Scientist reporter Hal Hodson writes about a new algorithm called StreetScore that creates a perceived safety map of a city based off of crowdsourced data. “The idea is not to create no-go areas, but to locate areas of inequality,” Hodson explains.

“Marriott and MIT have teamed up to develop a new app that connects people with shared interests who are staying at the same hotel,” writes Laura Reston of The app uses LinkedIn to match people based on shared tastes or backgrounds.


“Researchers at MIT have teamed up with The Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values to launch an iPhone app called 20 Day Stranger, which connects two anonymous strangers for 20 days,” writes Emily Thomas of The Huffington Post


“An artsy new app under development at the MIT Media Lab has you and another person sharing daily activities like waking up, walking around and getting something to eat,” Devin Coldewey writes for MSNBC.


Slate reporter Lily Newman writes about the new phone application, called 20 Day Stranger, developed by Media Lab researchers. Newman writes that, the app connects strangers and allows them to update each other about any and every detail of their lives for 20 days.”