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lithium batteries

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The Economist

A new study by Prof. Jessika Trancik and postdoctoral associate Micah Ziegler examining the plunge in lithium-ion battery costs finds that “every time output doubles, as it did five times between 2006 and 2016, battery prices fall by about a quarter,” reports The Economist. “A doubling in technological know-how, measured by patent filings, is associated with a 40% drop in price.”


MIT startup SolidEnergy Systems has signed a deal with GM to develop next-generation electric vehicle batteries that are expected to cut the cost of the technology by 60%, reports Michael Wayland for CNBC. “The new batteries feature lithium metal instead of lithium-ion like today’s EVs use,” writes Wayland. “The switch changes the chemistry of the battery to enable higher energy density and longer range from a similar-sized battery or comparable range with a smaller battery.”

Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics reporter John Wenz writes that a new study co-authored by MIT researchers examines how lithium moves through batteries. The findings could be used to help build a smarter battery, including “designing selective transport channels, additional shielding on batteries, or a battery additive that would prevent against corrosion or the formation of hot spots.”


Prof. Donald Sadoway speaks with Forbes contributor Arne Alsin about the future of sustainable energy and battery design. “We definitely have to be bolder in our innovation when it comes to what goes beyond lithium-ion,” says Sadoway. “We have to apply the criterion ‘If successful, how big is the impact?’ And we have to have the courage to fail.”