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Internet privacy

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Visiting Scholar Michael Schrage speaks with Jared Bowen of WGBH about the hack on Sony pictures ahead of the release of “The Interview,” as well as subsequent widespread Internet outages in North Korea. “I think this is a very, very serious breach and it sets a very dangerous precedent,” says Schrage.

New York Times

Dr. Howard Shrobe speaks with New York Times reporter Nicole Perlroth about his work at DARPA on Internet security. Shrobe explains that his goal was to “offer a menu of technical options that companies who make computers and computer software could introduce into the commercial stream.”


In an interview with Robert Siegel of NPR’s All Things Considered, Ethan Zuckerman of the MIT Media Lab apologizes for his role in creating the pop-up ad. Zuckerman expresses concern that the Internet’s reliance on advertising has made people far more accustomed to surveillance by advertisers.