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Information theory

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Norbert Wiener, the MIT mathematician best known as the father of cybernetics, whose work had important implications for control theory and signal processing, among other disciplines.

Prodigy of probability

Norbert Wiener gained fame as the father of cybernetics, but his earlier work on statistical descriptions of complex systems may prove more important.

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How wise are crowds?

By melding economics and engineering, researchers show that as social networks get larger, they usually get better at sorting fact from fiction.

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MIT researchers are developing a theoretical framework that could eventually be used to help pinpoint the location of mobile devices — represented here as blue dots — indoors, where GPS reception can be unreliable and inaccurate.

Can you find me now?

By demonstrating fundamental limits on their accuracy, MIT researchers show how to improve wireless location-detection systems.

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Rethinking networking

MIT researchers helped develop a theory that promised much more efficient data networks; then they were the first to put it into practice.

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Professor Emeritus Robert Gallager

Explained: Gallager codes

In 1993, scientists achieved the maximum rate for data transmission — only to find they’d been scooped 30 years earlier by an MIT grad student.

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