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In an article for Forbes, Champaign Williams highlights a new app developed by two MIT graduates that, “connects millennials and college students in search of temporary housing with baby boomers who have excess space and could use the extra cash.”

BBC News

In an article for the BBC News, Jane Wakefield highlights a gesture-controlled transforming unit designed for small homes by MIT researchers. "We need to think of technology-enabled furniture as a platform for integrating other technology because in a small apartment it is not practical to put in conventional systems," explains Principal Research Scientist Kent Larson. 

The Washington Post

Robert Samuelson writes for The Washington Post about research by Professor Antoinette Schoar that indicates that risky loans were not the primary reason for the 2008 housing bubble. The crisis “was caused, at least in part, by a larger delusion that was the bubble’s root source,” writes Samuelson of the research.