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Foreign Policy

In an article for Foreign Policy, Prof. Malick W. Ghachem writes about the current political situation in Haiti and the type of international support the country actually needs. “Haiti needs genuine reconstruction, and these strategies can help the country find its financial footing as it seeks to rebuild its political institutions,” says Ghachem. “A concerted international campaign to support Haiti’s financial sovereignty is the real intervention that Haiti needs—and possibly the only one.”

New York Times

Writing for The New York Times, Prof. Michel DeGraff details how the education system in Haiti discriminates against Kreyòl, forcing children to speak and learn in French, “a legacy of the French colonial design for Haiti’s impoverishment, which continues, centuries later, to drain us as a nation.” DeGraff adds: “Unshackling Haitian minds and society from centuries of linguistic discrimination is the first step to help Haiti overcome the disastrous consequences of its colonial and neocolonial history.”

NBC News

Prof. Malick Ghachem speaks with NBC News reporter Corky Siemaszko about the assassination of Jovenel Moïse, the president of Haiti. “The question to ask at this time of tragedy for the Moïse family is not whether Jovenel Moïse was a true statesman or would-be despot,” says Ghachem. “Haiti has been locked in a worsening spiral of political instability since the 2010 earthquake that deteriorated drastically under the Martelly and Moïse governments.”

Boston Globe

In a letter to The Boston Globe, Prof. Malick Ghachem argues that Haiti’s history cannot be defined as a story of poverty. Ghachem writes that under colonial slavery, many people in Haiti “produced a great deal of riches for the rest of the world, and the single-minded pursuit of these riches is what accounts for the poverty of the many.”

Boston Globe

In an article for The Boston Globe about the Boston school system’s new dual-language program in Haitian Creole, James Vaznis speaks with Prof. Michel DeGraff, who is assisting Boston with the program. DeGraff says that the program provides Boston with an opportunity to, “produce new material in Haitian Creole that in time can become models for programs in Haiti.”

New York Times

In a piece for The New York Times, Prof. Michel DeGraff and Molly Ruggles write of the need for Haitian students to learn in their native Creole, as opposed to French. “Creole holds the potential to democratize knowledge, and thus liberate the masses from extreme poverty,” DeGraff and Ruggles explain. 

Financial Times

Financial Times reporter Emma Boyde writes about MIT’s efforts in Haiti, highlighting a leadership workshop hosted by the Sloan School of Management for members of Haiti’s government. “We’ve done work with government officials elsewhere in the world,” says Prof. Deborah Ancona. “But this was somewhat revolutionary.”


Professors Michel Degraff and Deborah Ancona speak with NECN about MIT’s initiative to support Haiti’s development of science, technology, engineering, and math curricula. Since 2010 the initiative has hosted four workshops and trained more than 100 teachers.