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The Engine

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Katie Rae, CEO and managing partner of The Engine, speaks with Forbes reporter David Jeans about the second round of funding raised by The Engine and how the venture is looking to help support tough tech ideas. “These are things with often longer [investment] timeframes,” Rae says. “They’ve almost always been backed by government-led research, and now they are ready to translate into companies.”


TechCrunch reporter Danny Crichton writes that The Engine has announced a second round of funding aimed at supporting tough tech startups. Crichton notes that, “with this latest news from The Engine, it seems clear that Boston’s tough tech ecosystem will continue to have a pipeline of interesting and compelling companies.”


Engine CEO Katie Rae speaks with Arielle Pardes of Wired about the need to invest in companies that are tackling the world’s most urgent problems. “We back transformational technology that could shape a market and solve a huge world problem all in a go,” says Rae. “But it requires patience, it requires capital and it requires imagination on how to get these types of companies to market.”


Prof. Lisa Piccirillo, The Engine CEO Katie Rae, and several MIT alumni are among the community members honored as part of Wired25, an annual list compiled by Wired that spotlights people who are working to make the world a better place.

The Boston Globe

The Engine has announced that it plans to expand into a new location at 750 Main Street to better accommodate the early-stage tough-tech startups that the MIT subsidiary serves. “Renovations to create offices, labs, and fabrication space are scheduled to start at the end of the year; they are expected to open by early 2022,” reports John Chesto for The Boston Globe.

Fortune- CNN

Katie Rae, CEO and managing partner of The Engine, speaks with Fortune reporter Renae Reints about The Engine’s commitment to nurturing startups that require more time and patient capital. Rae explains that The Engine “has an investing horizon of up to 18 years, which allows us to think about bigger, longer-term bets—and these could be world-changing.”

Bloomberg News

Katie Rae, CEO and managing partner of The Engine, speaks with Bloomberg TV’s Emily Chang about tough tech and why The Engine is committed to fostering startups focused on the world’s biggest problems. Rae explains that The Engine invests in companies that often “need time to be nurtured, time to work out technical risk, but the results can be transformational to the world.”


The Engine has raised $200 million and financed its first seven companies “in fields such as aerospace, advanced materials, genetic engineering and renewable energy,” reports Michael McDonald of Bloomberg


Asma Khalid of WBUR reports that The Engine has raised $200 million and funded its first seven “tough tech” companies. "We have to believe it's a breakthrough [idea] that can have big impact in the world," says Katie Rae, president and CEO of The Engine, of the selected companies.  

The Boston Globe

Boston Globe reporter Andy Rosen writes that The Engine has raised $200 million to invest in “tough tech” companies. “The interest from private investors reflects a recognition that the venture capital world must find better ways to evaluate the technical promise of emerging technologies, and give them time to succeed,” notes Katie Rae, CEO of The Engine. 


The Engine has announced its initial investments in seven startups ranging from alternative energy to space communications, reports Alex Konrad of Forbes. “By helping research teams productize their ideas early, at the pre-seed and seed stages of investment,” The Engine hopes to keep talented students and professors in the Boston area, explains Konrad. 

Epoch Times

In an article for The Epoch Times, Emel Akpan highlights how The Engine is focused on supporting startups in fields that require time and patient capital. “We have a focus on tough tech,” explains Katie Rae, CEO and president of The Engine. “We think that’s where the resources are limited. But the opportunities can have a lot of impact.”

Boston Globe

In an article for The Boston Globe’s 2017 “Game Changers” section - which highlights ideas, inventions, people and places making waves in Boston - Robert Weisman spotlights The Engine. “We hope to create world-changing companies that will grow in the Boston region,” explains Katie Rae, The Engine’s President and CEO.


WBUR reporter Asma Khalid reports on how The Engine could help the Boston-area innovation ecosystem. Katie Rae, president and CEO of The Engine, explains that The Engine will support startups focused on tough technologies, which “take longer than most venture capital firms want to take bets on."

Radio Boston (WBUR)

Katie Rae, president and CEO of The Engine, speaks with Meghna Chakrabarti of Radio Boston about her new role and why The Engine is aimed at addressing the gap between science and commercialization. Rae explains that The Engine will be focused on “investing very early into the translational stage for science-oriented startups.”