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MIT issues statement about early-morning fire near Central Square

Four-alarm fire at MIT-owned 22-24 Magazine Street; all residents were evacuated safely.
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MIT issued the following statement today, following a fire near Central Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The four-alarm fire broke out at approximately 1:00 a.m. and damaged several buildings, including 22-24 Magazine Street. All residents were safely evacuated.
MIT owns the 12-unit apartment building at 22-24 Magazine Street in Cambridge, which houses approximately 50 people, including several members of the MIT community.  
We are grateful to all of the first responders who, under the leadership of the Cambridge Fire Department, ensured the evacuation of all residents and quickly contained and extinguished the fire. As far as we know, no serious injuries were reported, thanks in large part to the swift efforts of these first responders, as well as the building’s sprinkler and fire alarm systems. We greatly appreciate the emergency shelter provided by the Red Cross for our residents and those in nearby buildings.
MIT staff are working to secure alternative housing for affected residents as quickly as possible, and assessing the extent of the damage and the needed repairs. At this early stage, we anticipate damage to the building and personal property due to a combination of water, smoke and fire.
While we believe we are directly in contact with all of the displaced individuals at 22-24 Magazine Street, we encourage any residents and others impacted to call (617) 498-0911 and/or email  
We cannot yet confirm the cause of the fire, but are working closely with the Cambridge Fire Department. 

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