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New conversation on sociotechnical systems

On September 10, Afarin Bellisario will discuss the role of IP in collaborations.
Afarin Bellisario
Afarin Bellisario

The MIT Sociotechnical Systems Research Center (SSRC) invites you to its monthly seminar in the "Conversations on Sociotechnical Systems" series on Wed., Sept. 10, from 4:15-5:30 p.m. in E38-615. Afarin Bellisario from the MIT Technology Licensing Office will present "Collaborations To Expedite Commercializing Technology and the Role of Intellectual Property (IP)." Light refreshments will be served.

Collaborations, especially those between industry and research institutions or universities, are hailed as the new and effective mechanism to commercialize technology in many industries, including pharmaceuticals and semiconductors. IP is seen as both an enabler and inhibitor. In a survey of more than 100 executives from a variety of industries, 66 percent considered “negotiation and terms for licensing IP” as a major issue. This seminar will discuss the role of IP in successful collaborations; potential root causes of IP conflicts; unsustainable models; and emerging models.

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