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Varanasi Lab postdoc Anand wins Branco Weiss Fellowship

Sushant Anand
Sushant Anand
Photo courtesy of Sushant Anand

Sushant Anand, a postdoctoral researcher in Professor Kripa Varanasi’s Lab, has won the prestigious Branco Weiss Fellowship awarded by the Swiss Federal Institute of ETH Zurich. He is one of the nine new fellows to win this fellowship for 2013.

The Branco Weiss Fellowship, founded in 2002, recognizes researchers with a “proven track record who have extended their scientific work to include social and cultural questions and perspectives.” The award grants the fellows up to five years of complete academic freedom in which to conduct their research.

Anand was chosen among 567 applicants, and his research, focused on liquid-impregnated surfaces, is recognized for its potential to benefit populations facing a scarcity of water and to save energy during power generation in steam-based powerplants.

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