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Yaron Segal dies while in custody in Colorado

Postdoc worked in Photovoltaics Research Laboratory
Yaron Segal, a postdoc in MIT’s Photovoltaics Research Laboratory, died on Friday, April 13, while in federal custody, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

On March 28, Segal was arrested by federal agents in Colorado. News coverage of the arrest and the circumstances of Segal’s death can be found in The Tech and other media outlets.

Segal worked to create cost-effective solar cell materials and devices. “He was well respected among his peers as a brilliant, creative and dedicated scientist,” said Tonio Buonassisi, assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing.

All members of the MIT community who feel affected by this death are encouraged to contact Mental Health Services at 617-253-2916.

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