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MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation launches Manufacturing Technology Advisory Board; Infosys joins board

Leaders from academia and the technology industry will work together to share ideas and plan ways to help transform U.S. manufacturing.
Professor David Simchi-Levi, founder of the MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation, today announced the formation of the Forum’s Manufacturing Technology Advisory Board, which will bring MIT academic and research leaders together with major technology providers and industry to collaborate on key issues around U.S. manufacturing.

“The manufacturing industry is in need of process and technology transformation to enable innovation, efficiency and sustainable business growth and I think this board will help lead that conversation and effort,” Simchi-Levi said.

The board will focus on issues such as technology, process innovation, supply-chain risk and reshoring enablers; it will work under the direction of Simchi-Levi and will be chaired by Leslie Sheppard, the Forum’s chief strategy officer.

Infosys becomes strategic sponsor

The Forum also announced today that Infosys, a global provider of business consulting, technology, engineering and outsourcing services to the manufacturing industry, has become a strategic sponsor and has joined the Forum’s technology advisory board.

“As the U.S. economy improves, there is tremendous interest in manufacturing and American companies are leveraging technology extensively for growth and differentiation,” said Ravi S. Kumar, Infosys’ vice president for consulting and systems integration, manufacturing. “Infosys’ partnership with the MIT Forum will create thought leadership and best practices in the area of advanced manufacturing to help companies with technology-led transformation.”

Simchi-Levi added, “We welcome Infosys to the board and I am very excited to work with and leverage Infosys’ expertise and vision for advanced manufacturing technology transformation.”

The MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation is a community composed of academics and industry members whose support allows forum researchers to provide customer-focused solutions to design and manage the new supply chain. The Forum has pioneered a deeper understanding of the supply chain and its relationship to corporate strategy and has broad support from a wide cross-section of industry.

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