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Free webinar: Accessibility and Usability: Working Together at MIT

EDUCAUSE Live! — a series of free, hour-long interactive webinars on critical information technology topics in higher education — will host a free webinar on “Accessibility and Usability: Working Together at MIT” on Wednesday, April 4, from 1-2 p.m.

The usability and accessibility teams in MIT’s Information Services and Technology have always worked closely together, but were formally merged during a department-wide reorganization in 2009. The goal in blending the teams was to provide a comprehensive service to clients without diluting individual practices. Over two years, we have strengthened our ability to advocate persuasively for both usability and accessibility with clients. We’ve also seen fewer projects slip through the cracks and observed standards applied more consistently. The merger has provided a greater understanding of why the two practices belong together, how this can happen, and the importance of commitment from administrative leadership.

Join the presenters Stephani Roberts, web accessibility consultant, and Katherine Wahl, usability consultant, to learn more about accessibility and usability at MIT!

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