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Technology Review to manage MIT's Enterprise Forum

A letter to the community regarding the transition, effective July 1.
Dear MIT community,

We are pleased to announce that Technology Review will be assuming responsibility for the direct management of MIT’s Enterprise Forum and its staff from the MIT Alumni Association. The transition will take effect July 1, 2011.

Technology Review is an independent media company, owned by MIT, that serves an audience of alumni and non-alumni readers. In all, it has an audience of 2.6 million people, more than half of them outside of the United States, who read its electronic and print publications in a variety of languages, including Mandarin Chinese, German, Spanish, and Italian. (Additionally, there is an Indian Technology Review, published in English.) Technology Review also produces the live events series EmTech at MIT and in India, China, Spain, and Italy.

The MIT Enterprise Forum has 28 chapters globally, 18 of which are in major urban areas in the United States. The remaining ten chapters are based in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

The alignment between Technology Review and the Enterprise Forum in both mission and audience profile make Technology Review a better home for the Enterprise Forum than the Alumni Association. Technology Review will continue to collaborate with the Alumni Association and looks forward to strengthening and deepening the engagement of the alumni who are part of the Enterprise Forum and who read Technology Review’s publications and attend its events.

We are excited by the joining of these vibrant organizations. The combination will offer the Enterprise Forum centrally  produced programming and editorial content, sales and marketing support that will increase sponsorships globally and locally, and an MIT Enterprise Forum–branded edition of Technology Review, among other opportunities. For its part, the Enterprise Forum brings to Technology Review a large and engaged global community that produces over 400 events per year.

Please join us and our teams in enthusiastically embracing this transition as we work together to build an exciting new venture. As for the immediate future, we will be working together to create a plan to make the Enterprise Forum the leading entrepreneurial community in the world.


Jason Pontin                       
Editor in Chief and Publisher                
Technology Review

Judy Cole
Executive Vice President and CEO
MIT Alumni Association

About The MIT Enterprise Forum, Inc.
The MIT Enterprise Forum, Inc., builds connections to technology entrepreneurs and to the communities in which they reside. The Enterprise Forum produces a series of programs about entrepreneurship through a network of 28 worldwide chapters. Anyone interested in or involved with technology entrepreneurship is welcome to participate in the Enterprise Forum community.

About Technology Review, Inc.
Technology Review is an independent media company owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). More than 2.4 million people around the globe read our publications, in five languages and on a variety of digital and print platforms. We publish Technology Review magazine, the world’s oldest technology magazine (established 1899); daily news, analysis, opinion, and video; and Business Impact, which explains how new technologies are transforming companies, disrupting markets, or creating entirely new industries. We also produce live events.

About the MIT Alumni Association
MIT alumni are members of one of the most diverse, talented, and invigorating communities in the world. The Alumni Association is a gateway to this community. The Association provides services and resources that strengthen alumni's ties to MIT and each other across every stage of life and around the globe.

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