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Catch the tweet stream: Alumni Leadership Conference

See the tweets from this weekend's Alumni Leadership Conference, where presentations covered topics such as social media, the 150th-anniversary celebration, the Sloan Engagement Study, and more.
More than 450 alumni gathered on campus for the annual Alumni Leadership Conference.
More than 450 alumni gathered on campus for the annual Alumni Leadership Conference.
Photo: Liv Gold

The Alumni Leadership Conference drew more than 450 alumni to campus Oct. 22-23 to hear from President Susan Hockfield and other Institute leaders, to build new planning and organizational skills, to prepare to celebrate MIT’s 150th anniversary, and to make new MIT connections.

Presentations will be online soon, but you can get a taste of the annual event by scanning the trail of tweets from selected sessions at a special ALC Twitter account. Most tweets were tagged #ALC2010. Here are sample tweets and posts:

Social Media Marketing

  • Social Media: distribute the same content in social media, e-mail, print etc. Effort is not lost — medium needs to match audience.
Being an Educational Counselor (the people who interview prospective students)
  • [Admissions' Kim] Hunter: Interviews are optional but important because increases admission chances because we know more about the student.
Keynote by President Hockfield
  • Hockfield: Engaged in MIT2030 — a process of studying the campus that provides a format for our academic agenda to expand.
Alumni Association and Campaign Updates
  • [AA President Anne] Street: Have you seen PlanetMIT? Great tool especially when you travel.
  • [Annual Fund chair Doug] Bailey: 70% of dollars come from 10% of donors.
Shining the Spotlight: How the World Gets to See MIT
  • Why should alumni help propagate news office content? BC ppl have an emotional connection to MIT and sci and tech innov. Feels good.
Critique Boutique: MIT Branding and Your Group
  • Email subject line tips: Mobile devices may truncate them; front-load critical words.
Read more online ... And, of course, start from the end and read up for chronological order.

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