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Technology and Culture Forum launches dropping knowledge campaign

MIT community members are encouraged to donate questions to the dropping knowledge campaign

The Technology and Culture Forum (TAC) invites the MIT community to consider, "What is the most important question for the world.”

From Feb. 15 through March 7, questions will be collected and organized into areas of interest and concern. Possible outcomes may include hosting public events around specific questions, creating discussion groups and taking action.

When people start asking questions, they also start sharing what they know about themselves, their cultures and the world. When people share their knowledge, they seek to foster an exchange of viewpoints, ideas, and people-powered solutions. With this exchange, TAC aims to change the terms of political debate and engagement in the world and find similar experiences or common solutions.

MIT community members can donate questions to the dropping knowledge MIT campaign at This campaign is being conducted in cooperation with dropping knowledge international. Please go to for more information.

For 45 years, TAC has been an on-going, Institute-wide arena for the discussion of ethical issues related to science, technology and innovation. TAC sponsors lectures and symposia that address critical issues of our time. The programs explore the role of science and technology in promoting positive social, ecological and economic change.

Please send questions and comments to: Patricia-Maria Weinmann, Associate Coordinator, 617-253-0108,

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