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Request for proposals: Sanofi-aventis Biomedical Innovation Award (SABIP) Program

Sanofi-aventis encourages researchers from across MIT to collaborate in exploring innovative research to advance knowledge in the area of human health though basic and applied research.

In that spirit, proposals are now being accepted for Biomedical Innovation Awards; proposals must be focused on technologies for detection and monitoring, targeted delivery systems, or devices for use in the following areas: diabetes, cancer, inflammation (e.g. RA, MS), fibrosis, and diseases of the eye (including painless delivery methods, artificial retinal systems).

The funds available will provide MIT researchers with financial support to enable innovative research projects in furtherance of the objectives of a Strategic Alliance that Sanofi-aventis and MIT entered into on May 5. It is anticipated that awards will be between $100,000-$150,000 per year with periods of performance of up to two years. It is estimated that between five and eight awards will be made this year.

Eligibilty and restrictions

The Sanofi-aventis Biomedical Innovation Award (SABIP) Program is open to MIT faculty or members of the research staff with principal investigator privileges. No principal investigator may submit more than one proposal to this request.

Forms may be downloaded at

Please contact Dr. Stacy Springs at or 617-253-3084 with any questions.

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