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Please play the exhibits: MIT Museum to feature experimental games from GAMBIT Game Lab

On Friday, Nov. 12, Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab developers will be on hand at the MIT Museum to unveil an exhibit showing off MIT's ground-breaking gaming history.

In media ranging from original sketches to playable games, the newest display in Sampling MIT, an exhibition showcasing some of the latest research at MIT, will feature GAMBIT's remarkable work.

Meet developers and researchers from MIT, the Berklee School of Music and the Rhode Island School of Design as you get your game on in this immersive, hands-on evening at the MIT Museum. Test drive innovative new video games, explore MIT’s history of games, and find out what researchers are learning about the artistic, creative, business and social aspects of video games.

Detailed schedule:

  • 5:30-6 p.m.: Game On! — Do you have what it takes? Try out GAMBIT’s latest and greatest games, and chat with game developers about what happens “behind the screens” at GAMBIT.
  • 6-6:20 p.m.: A Wedge and a Needle: Game Development at MIT — How did MIT make it possible for us to play with a computer? Philip Tan, U.S. executive director of the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, will talk about the innovations that research institutes and universities have brought to video games.
  • 6:20-7:30 p.m.: Resume Play — Playtime is back on, and the GAMBIT team is ready for your questions. Find out what research is being done with the newest GAMBIT games and try your hand at the on-screen challenges.
This program is presented in conjunction with the Sampling MIT exhibit

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