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MIT Sustainability Summit 2010

The 2010 MIT Sustainability Summit will host speakers, panelists, and facilitators with a wealth of knowledge and experience in collaborating and communicating with individuals and organizations across sectors, industries, and other boundaries in order to address the most pressing sustainability issues.

Throughout the day on April 23, attendees will have opportunities to learn from experts, to network, and to explore a wide variety of practical tools useful for solving today's environmental and social problems.

This year's summit will feature:
  • More than 250 conference attendees - including professionals, students, alumni, and faculty
  • Interactive breakout sessions that emphasize learning and applying tools relevant to working in the field of sustainability
  • Informal networking opportunities during breakfast, lunch, coffee break, and closing reception
We welcome all attendees interested in sustainability, including but not limited to students, engineers, business leaders, nonprofit leaders, academics, environmental activists, and public servants.

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