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Luminous Windows returns to the MIT Museum

The MIT Museum’s third annual Luminous Windows winter exhibition of holography features technical achievements by companies and individuals working in this revolutionary imaging technology since 1984. Every evening for several months the following holograms are on view to the public in the windows of the MIT Museum, facing Massachusetts Avenue.

The holograms on view represent historical breakthroughs and state-of-the-art techniques. In addition to developments in computer-generated holography and digital holographic printing, the exhibition also highlights innovations in analog holography, including large-scale and high-resolution images with dramatic depth and clarity.
  • T-Rex Skull by John Perry (1988)
  • Lunar Lander by Michael Teitel and MIT Spatial Imaging Group (1984)
  • AVATAR, by RabbitHoles Media (2010)
  • Aerial 3D Survey of MIT Campus by Zebra Imaging (2010)
  • Jean-Marc Sor Butterflies (No. 1), Yves Gentet (2008)
  • Psychedelic Amy by Martin Richardson and Geola Digital (2008)
For more information, visit the MIT Museum website

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