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Latke vs. Hamentaschen: The Great Debate

An annual MIT tradition since 2003 and an occasional tradition before that, the Latke vs. Hamentaschen debate will take place this year starting at 8 p.m. on Feb. 24 in 26-100.

Each team of prominent scholars presents an argument in favor of their respective food. Following the debate, votes are cast, ballots are counted, and the champion is crowned.

Don't miss this exciting debate between the fruit-filled cookie known as the hamentasch and the fried potato pancake otherwise known as the latke! Free latkes and hamentashen are served following the debate.

This year's debate teams (subject to change):

Latke Team:
  • Barbara Imperiali
  • Erika Wagner
  • Amy Smith
Hamentaschen Team:
  • Michael Sipser
  • Marta González

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