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Communication Forum: the online migration of newspapers

The fate of newspapers is an ongoing subject for the MIT Communications Forum, and this conversation explores the migration of newspapers to the Internet and what that means for traditional concepts of journalism.

Amid the emergence of citizens' media and the blogosphere, newspapers are adapting to a changing mediascape in which print readership is in steady decline. David Carr, culture reporter and media columnist for The New York Times, and Dan Kennedy, professor of journalism at Northeastern University and author of the Media Nation blog, explore these developments with Forum Director David Thorburn.

Among their topics: the best and the worst examples of news on the net, online-only news sites, hyperlocal news and collaborative journalism, business models for online newspapers, and the impact of social media on journalism.

The event will take place from 5-7 p.m. today in Bartos Theater, MIT Media Lab (Building E15)

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