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Rodger Doxsey '69, PhD '74 dies at 62

Alumnus worked at MIT and later played key role as "heart and soul" of Hubble space telescope
Rodger Doxsey '69, PhD '74, who worked in the 1970s at MIT on the third NASA Small Astronomy Satellite (SAS 3), died on Oct. 13 after a prolonged illness. He was 62 years old.

Doxsey earned his undergraduate and doctoral degrees in physics at MIT before working on the SAS 3 project. He later went on to head the Space Telescope Science Institute's Hubble Mission Office.

"Rodger was the heart and soul of Hubble here at the institute," said STScI Director Matt Mountain.  "He innately knew everything about the space telescope, from the smallest anomaly to the breadth of the extraordinary science delivered by the telescope he had worked with for over 28 years."

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