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NOVA producer to discuss science TV today

Paula Apsell, senior executive producer for PBS-NOVA and director of the WGBH Science Unit, will deliver the Distinguished Pappalardo Lecture today in Room 10-250. Apsell will discuss "The Art of Science Television," using clips from the internationally acclaimed and award-winning NOVA science series. She will discuss how topics are chosen, how difficult material can be made not only accessible but enthralling, and how one can educate, entertain, and stimulate creative and critical thinking all at the same time. Apsell will also examine the particular challenges facing science journalists and educators today, when scientific and cultural literacy are more at risk than ever. In 1983, Apsell spent a year studying at MIT as a Knight Fellow (then known as the Vannevar Bush Fellowship in the Public Understanding of Science). The lecture begins at 4:15 p.m., with refreshments served at 3:45 in Room 4-349 (the Pappalardo Community Room).

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