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Mechanical Engineering awards

Department Service Award--for outstanding service to the mechanical engineering department
- Betar M. Gallant '08, Natick, Mass.
- Yi 'Ellen' Chen '08, Saint Charles, Mo.
- Kristina M. Haller '08, Des Moines, Wash.
- Alex Slocum Jr. '08, Bow, N.H.

Carl G. Sontheimer Prize--for creativity andinnovation in design
- Alex Slocum Jr. '08, Bow, N.H.
- Taylor Roan '08, Pleasant Grove, Utah
- Lawrence A. Maligaya '09, Mundelein, Ill.
- Dimitrios Tzeranis G, Agia Paraskevi, Greece
- Matthew S. Humbert '08, Magnolia, Mass.

Meredith Kamm Memorial Award--to outstanding women mechanical engineering graduate students
- Anjuli Appapillai G, San Diego, Calif.
- Barbara Botros G, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

John C. and Elizabeth J. Chato Award--for Excellence in Bioengineering
- Melis Anahtar '08,Bethesda, Md.

Luis de Florez Award--for outstanding ingenuity and creativity
- Gregory Schroll '08, Chatham, N.J.

Peter Griffith Prize--for an outstanding Experimental Project and Thesis
- Betar Gallant '08, Natick, Mass.

AMP Inc. Award--for outstanding performance in Course 2.002
- Claudio V. Di Leo '10, Alcobendas, Spain
- Emily F. Houston '10, Burke, Va.
- Adam T. Paxon '09, Trout Lake, Wash.
- Samuel B. Weiss '10, Andover, Mass.

Wunsch Foundation Silent Hoist and Crane Award--for outstanding TAs
- Course 2.007: Nevan C. Hanumara G, Kinston, R.I.
- Course 2.002: Meredith N. Silberstein G, Redondo Beach, Calif.
- Course 2.002: Brian P. Greviskes G, Aurora, Ill.
- Course 2.003: Ajay A. Deshpande G, Pune, India

Wunsch Foundation Silent Hoist and Crane Award--for academic excellence and outstanding thesis
- Batya A. Fellman '08, San Diego, Calif.
- C. Angelosanto '08, North Attleboro, Mass.
- Abby M. Carey '08, Big Lake, Minn.
- Yi 'Ellen' Chen '08, Saint Charles, Mo.
- Melis N. Anahtar '08, Bethesda, Md.
- Michael C. Kozlowski '08, Melrose, Mass.
- Orian Z. Welling '08, Custer, Wisc.

Park Award--for outstanding performance in manufacturing
- Zachary J. Jackowski '09, Boonton, N.J.
- Yi F. Wu '09, Cambridge, Mass.

Society of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Award--for an outstanding undergraduate in the marine field
- Kaitlyn G. McCartney '09, Newton, Mass.

Robert Bruce Wallace Academic Prize--for academic excellence and outstanding potential for professional leadership in ocean engineering
- Brooks L. Reed '09, Santa Cruz, Calif.

Alfred A. H. Keil Ocean Engineering Development Fund Award--for outstanding research
- Elizabeth L. Palmer '09, Yarmouth, Maine
- Charles D. Field '10, Honolulu, Hawaii

American Bureau of Shipping Award--for advanced research in marine engineering and naval architecture
- Kyriakos Avgouleas G, Athens, Greece
- Ronald J. Caputo G

Clement C. Burnap Award--for outstanding Masters of Science in the marine field
- Kyriakos Avgouleas G, Athens, Greece

Whitelaw Prize--for originality in 2.007 design and contest
- Kevin E. Plumer '10, Byfield, Mass.
- Raymond R. Ma '10, Plano, Texas

International Design Competition: 2.007 Contest
- 1st place: Gregory D. Tao '10, Lafayette, Ind.
- 2nd place: Ethan L. Huwe '10, Perham, Minn.
- 3rd place: Aaron E. Ramirez '10, Chicago, Ill.
- 4th place: Radu Gogoana '10, Falls Church, Va.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 4, 2008 (download PDF).

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