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Department of Materials Science and Engineering awards

Community Service Award--Graduate student award for distinguished service to the department and/or the materials community outside of MIT
- George Whitfield, doctoral candidate, Plainfield N.J.

Best Paper Award for Second- or First-Year Student
- Sung Keun Lim, doctoral student, Seoul, Korea

Exceptional First-Year Performance Award
- Lin Jia G, Tianjin, China

Outstanding Sophomore
- Jeffry F. Disko '10, Boulder, Wyo.
- Bryn Waldwick '10, Hopkinton, N.H.

Outstanding Junior
- Pantea Khodami '09, Vancouver, Canada
- Reid Van Lehn '09, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Outstanding Senior
- John Rogosic '08, Bronx, N.Y.
- Mirat Shah '08, Metuchen, N.J.

Best Internship Report
- Talia Gershon '08, East Meadow, N.Y., for "Blends of Thiophene-based Dendrimers with Titania Nanoparticles for use in Organic Photovoltaic Devices" (National Renewable Energy Lab)

Horace A. Lubin Outstanding Service to the DMSE Community
- Allison L. Kunz '08, McKinney, Texas

Outstanding Senior Thesis
- Victor E. Brunini '08, Short Hills, N.J., for "Percolation Behavior of Diffusionally Evolved Two-Phase Systems Simulated Using Phase Field Methods"
- Violetta R. Wolf '08, San Francisco, Calif., for "Use of Uranium Series Decay for Dating an Archaeological Smelting Site"

John Wulff Award for Excellence in Teaching--For a graduate student TA in an undergraduate course
- Yoda Patta G, Bandung, Indonesia
- Ozge Halatci Akbulut, doctoral candidate, Izmit, Turkey

Outstanding PhD Thesis Research
- Christopher Bettinger, doctoral candidate, Lake Jackson, Texas, for "Synthesis and Microfabrication of Elastomeric Biomaterials for Advanced Tissue Engineering Scaffolds"
- Ming Tang, doctoral candidate, Shanghai, China, for "Thermodynamic and Morphological Transitions in Crystalline and Soft Material Interfaces"
- Honorable mention: Polina Anikeeva, doctoral candidate, St. Petersburg, Russia, for "Physical Properties and Design of Light Emitting Devices Based on Organic Materials and Nanoparticles"

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 4, 2008 (download PDF).

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