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Brain & Cognitive Sciences awards

Walle Nauta Award--for Continuing Dedication to Teaching
- Amy Perfors G, Montrose, Colo.

Angus MacDonald Award--for Excellence in Undergradaute Teaching
- Ulf Knoblich G, Berlin, Germany
- Michelle Machon G, Boston, Mass.
- Srinivas Turaga G, Chelmsford, Mass.; Secunderabad, India
- Paymon Hosseini G, Chicago, Ill.
- James Mutch G, Vancouver, Canada
- Li-Wei (Livia) King G, Albuquerque, N.M.
- Christopher L. Baker G, Seattle, Wash.
- Talia Konkle G, San Luis Obispo, Calif.
- Michael C. Frank G, New York, N.Y.

BCS Award--for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
- Assistant Professor Aude Oliva, Chambery, France

BCS Award--for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising
- Associate Professor Pawan Sinha, New Delhi, India

Louis Kampf Writing Prize--in Women's and Gender Studies--Includes a $300 prize for the winner
- Caroline Rubin '08, Brain and Cognitive Science and Anthropology, Frederick, Md.

Honorable Mention for Outstanding Academic Record
- Sha-har Adomni '09, Great Neck, N.Y.
- Alice Ainsworth '09, Burke, Va.
- Stephanie Brenman '09, Newton, Mass.
- Tharian Cherian '09, Bedford, Mass.
- Abigail Clark '09, Springfield, Va.
- Jacquelyn Gold '09, Boca Raton, Fla.
- Lauren Habenicht '09, Denver, Colo.
- Denise Ichino '09, Emerson, N.J.
- Gloria Lee '09, Bayside, N.Y.
- Christopher Moses '09, Davie, Fla.
- Navine Nasser-Ghodsi '09, South Hampton, Mass.
- Kimberly Reinhold '09, Hilo, Hawaii
- Matthew Serna '09, Edinburg, Texas
- Irina Shklyar '09, Sherman Oaks, Calif.
- Jordan Sorensen '09, Guthrie Center, Iowa
- Aditya Joshi '10, Schenectady, N.Y.
- ManJae Kwon '10, Seoul, South Korea

Honorable Mention for Outstanding Research--Recognition is given to sophomores and juniors for exceptional research activities within the department.
- Tharian Cherian '09, Bedford, Mass.
- Danbee Kim '09, Starkville, Miss.
- Denise Ichino '09, Emerson, N.J.
- Ainsley Braun '10, Rye, N.H.
- Isabel Chang '10, Korea

Walle J. H. Nauta Award--for Outstanding Research in Brain and Cognitive Sciences
- Adina Fischer '08, Misgave, Israel
- Lizabeth Jordan '08, Cypress, Texas
- Suejean Lim '08, San Antonio, Texas
- Michael Obilade '08, Owensboro, Ky.

Hans-Lukas Teuber Award for Outstanding Academics--for Outstanding Academic Achievement at MIT
- Zainab Azeez '08, Chicago, Ill.
- Adina Fischer '08, Virginia Beach, Va.
- Irene Headen '08, Raleigh, N.C.
- Kaitlin Kamrowski '08, Garden City, N.Y.
- Peter Lai '08, Agoura Hills, Calif.
- Nune Lemaire '08, Fairbanks, Alaska
- Tao Liu '08, Bedford, Mass.
- Jamie Mehringer '08, Cambridge, Mass.
- Narine Mousissian '08, Oklahoma City, Okla.
- Caroline Rubin '08, Frederick, Md.
- Mariam Shaikh '08, Boston, Mass.
- Tess Veuthy '08, Washington, D.C.
- Angeline Wang '08, Beverly Hills, Calif.
- Rany Woo '08, Fayette, N.C.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 4, 2008 (download PDF).

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