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Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics awards

The Andrew Morsa Prize--Given to undergraduate students for demonstration of ingenuity and initiative in the application of computers to the field of Aeronautics and Astronautics
-Gerardo E. Cruz, '08, Catano, Puerto Rico
-Christopher K. Hoffman, '08, Kapaa, Hawaii

The Apollo Award--Given to an Aero & Astro student who conducts the best undergraduate research project on the topic of humans in space
-Joy M. Dunn, '08, Arroyo Grande, Calif.
-Corinne E. Vannatta, '08, Denver, Colo.

The David J. Shapiro Award--Given to Aero & Astro undergraduate students to pursue special aeronautical projects that are student-initiated, and/or to support foreign travel for the enhancement of scientific/technical studies and research opportunities
-Robyn Allen, '08, Mill Valley, Calif.
-Ruijie He, G aeronautics and astronautics and political science, Singapore
-Louis E. Perna, '09, Tampa, Fla.
-Bruce T. Vest, '09, Godfrey, Ill.
-Petek Saracoglu, '09, Clifton Park, N.Y.

The Leaders for Manufacturing Prize--Awarded to a team that uses their project to directly deal with issues related to the interaction between manufacturing and engineering through demonstration of modern manufacturing processes
-Brittany Baker, '08, West Jordan, Utah
-Noelle Steber, '08, Hazleton, Pa.

The Lockheed Martin Prize for Excellence in Systems Engineering--Awarded to an undergraduate team who has exhibited superior level of accomplishment in engineering innovation, product development and team organization
-The Mars Gravity Biosatellite Team.

The United Technologies Corp. Prize--Given to an Aero & Astro student for outstanding achievement in the design, construction, execution, and reporting of an undergraduate experimental project
-Warren (Woody) Hoburg, '08, Baden, Pa.
-James P. Houghton, '08, Houston, Texas

The Admiral Luis De Florez Prize--Given for "original thinking or ingenuity" as demonstrated by the individual effort of the student, not the ideas and suggestions of his advisor, instructors, or an advisory team
-Katrina M. Sorensen, '08, San Ramon, Calif.
-Joseph Yurko, '08, Irwin, Pa.

The James Means Award for Excellence in Space Systems Engineering
-Zachary J. Bailey, '08, Fredericksburg, Va.
-Katherine A. Ingle, '08, Oregon
-James P. Houghton, '08, Houston, Texas

The James Means Award for Excellence in Flight Vehicle Engineering
-David A. Sanchez, '09, Santa Maria, Calif.

The Aero & Astro Teaching Assistantship Award--Given to a teaching assistant, or assistants, who demonstrate conspicuous dedication and skill in helping fulfill an undergraduate or graduate subject's educational objectives
-Daniel G. Courtney, G, Kanata, Ontario, Canada
-Francois T. Floch, G, Saint-Mande, France
-Jaime Pereira de Mateus Silva, G, Mallorca, Spain
-Gregory Michael Lack, G, Lewisburg, Pa.

The Yvnge Raustein Award--Given to a Unified Engineering student who best exemplifies the spirit of Yngve Raustein and to recognize significant achievement in Unified Engineering
-Jonathan J. Borras, '10, Waltham, Mass.

The Henry Webb Salisbury Award--Given in memory of Henry Salisbury to a graduating senior (or seniors) who has achieved superior academic performance in the Course XVI Undergraduate Program
Warren (Woody) Hoburg, '08, Baden, Pa.

The AIAA Undergraduate Advising Award--Given by the AIAA Student Chapter to a faculty or staff who has demonstrated excellence in serving as an academic or 16.621/16.622 advisor and has made a real positive impact on a student's time in the Aero Astro Department
-Professor R. John Hansman

The AIAA Undergraduate Teaching Award--given by the AIAA Student Chapter to a faculty or staff member who has exemplified the role of a "great teacher"
-Professor Zoltan Spakovszky

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 4, 2008 (download PDF).

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