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Hockfield calls for Community Giving donations

MIT's annual Community Giving campaign is still underway, and President Susan Hockfield affirmed that it is always timely to express the Institute's "enduring commitment of our students, faculty and staff to helping others" in a recent letter to faculty members and staff.

"Here at MIT we believe in the power of numbers, and that belief is manifest all around us-in course numbers, building numbers, even, by implication, in the name of the Infinite Corridor. But we also know that not everything important in life can be measured," she wrote, reminding the community of its characteristic "enormous but in the end unquantifiable generosity of spirit."

Citing the annual campaign as "one of the most significant expressions of this generosity," Hockfield encouraged members of the community to participate this year if they had not yet done so. She also thanked those who have already donated.

"This employee fundraising effort offers a full spectrum of creative ways to support charitable causes. You may make a focused contribution to the MIT Community Service Fund or to your favorite health or human service agency, including the MIT Public Service Center, or more broadly to the United Way of Massachusetts Bay. You may donate by check, credit card, or securities as well as by easy payroll deduction. The Institute does not deduct any administrative fees from your donation to the MIT Community Service Fund or to your favorite local charity," Hockfield wrote.

To donate online, please go to

To request a donation packet, please contact or x3-7914.

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