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Ideas competition awards

$7,500 Award for Cabanga
- Bill Thies G, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, State College, PA
- Jayodita Sanghvi 2007, Biology, Freemont, CA
- Manish Bhardwaj G, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Delhi, India
- Oliver Venn 2008, Chemical Engineering, Johannesburg, South Africa
- Sara Cinnamon G, Mechanical Engineering, Sacramento, CA
- Alex Krull 2007, Mechanical Engineering, Boxford, MA
- Jessica Leon 2008, Mechanical Engineering, Brookfield, WI
- Nikhil Nadkarni 2008, Management, Lexington, MA

$7,500 Award for CellCentives
- Nisanth Sastry, visiting student, CSAIL, Bangalore, India
- Rany Woo 2008, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Fayetteville, NC
- Viji Draviam, affiliate, Coimbatore, India

$7,500 Award for VAC-Cast Prosthetics
- Aron Zingman 2007, Mechanical Engineering, Lake Worth, FL
- Irina Azu 2008, Mechanical Engineering, Accra, Ghana
- Maria Luckyanova 2008, Mechanical Engineering, Moscow, Russia
- Stephen Samouhos G, Mechanical Engineering, Pittstown, NJ
- Tess Veuthey 2008, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Washington, DC

$5,000 Award for Blowin' in the Wind
- Marta Fernandez Suarez G, Biochemistry, Oviedo, Spain
- Patricia Pina Calafi G, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, San Sebastian, Spain

$5,000 Award for New Dots
- Angela Kilby 2007, Political Science and Economics, Asheville, NC
- Aron Walker 2007, Chemical Engineering, San Francisco, CA
- Elizabeth Gillenwater 2007, Biology, Baltimore, MD
- Jeff Blander, Faculty, HST, Cambridge, MA

$5,000 Award for Bluesteel
- Albert Hernandez 2007, Mechanical Engineering, Middletown, NY
- Andrew Harlan 2007, Mechanical Engineering, Peoria, IL
- Elysa Wan 2007, Mechanical Engineering, St. Petersburg, FL
- Helen Tsai 2007, Mechanical Engineering, Houston, TX
- Jorge Renjifo 2007, Mechanical Engineering, San Juan, Puerto Rico
- Mark Cote 2007, Mechanical Engineering, Sanford, ME
- Michal Ruchelsman 2007, Mechanical Engineering, West Orange, NJ

$2,500 Award for Malaria Solutions
- Arnie Bomblies G, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Castle Rock, CO
- Mustafa Dafalla 2009, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Chicago, IL
- Paul Montgomery 2007, Biology, Corvallis, OR
- Rebecca Gianotti G, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Perth, Australia

$2,500 Award for Team Treatment Buddy
- Kathleen Cui 2008, Economics, Columbus, OH
- Shelly Manber 2008, Mathematics, Palo Alto, CA

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 6, 2007 (download PDF).

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