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Engineering Systems Division awards

Technology Strategy Competition for 15.905
- Dan Sturtevant G, Fairfax County, VA
- Amarnath Arvind G, Ayer, MA
- John A. Baker G, Honolulu, HI
- Matt Flaherty G, Boston, MA

Technology and Policy Program Faculty Appreciation Award
- Professor John Sterman, Sloan School of Management

Lean Enterprise Value Foundation Best Student Paper Prize
- Damien Bador G, Aeronautics and Astronautics, Thonon les Bains, France

School of Engineering Graduate Student Extraordinary Teaching and Mentoring Award
- Hubert Pham

Charles "Harrison" Smith III Award--to a first-year student in the Leaders for Manufacturing Program who has been voted by his/her peers to have contributed most significantly to his/her leaders for management class
- C.Y. Lee G, Ipoh, Merak, Malaysia

System Design + Management '07 Design Challenge Award
- Rehan Asad G, Rajshahi, Bangladesh
- Stephen Boyer G, Arvada, CO
- Alyson Scherer G, Gaithersburg, MD
- Chung-En Kao G, Taipei, Taiwan
- Nagarjuna Venna G, Kodada, India

TPP Best Thesis Award
- Nicolas Osouf G, Suresnes, France
- Wen Feng G, Shehong, China

National Science Foundation Fellowship and National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship
- Danielle Adams G, Cambridge, MA

Total (Corp.) Graduate Fellowship--to support excellence in graduate education by attracting students of exceptional promise from Africa to MIT
- Ifeanyi Katchy G, Akwa, Nigeria

John A. Lyons Fellowship
- Jeffrey Manning G, Wayland, MA

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 6, 2007 (download PDF).

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