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Agreement reached by MIT and the Shin family

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Denise Brehm
Phone: 617-253-8069
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

MIT and the family of Elizabeth Shin announced today that they have reached an agreement to resolve the lawsuit the family filed against two student life staff members regarding the April 2000 death of their daughter. The family also has agreed not to proceed with the lawsuit against four MIT psychiatrists. The suit against the university was dismissed in June 2005.

Mr. Shin said, "We appreciate MIT's willingness to spare our family the ordeal of a trial and have come to understand that our daughter's death was likely a tragic accident. This agreement will allow us to move forward in the healing process."

"We know there is nothing that can erase the Shin family's pain from losing their daughter," said MIT Chancellor Phillip L. Clay. "Elizabeth Shin's death was a tragedy for her family, her friends and all those at MIT who tried to help her. This settlement will spare all of them the further emotional distress of a trial."

As part of the settlement, the amount of the payment must be kept confidential at the request of the Shin family.

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