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Gray will serve as interim VP for human resources

Executive Vice President and Treasurer Sherwin Greenblatt announced on Nov. 7 that Margaret Ann Gray, currently director of organization and employee development, has agreed to serve as interim vice president for human resources, effective immediately.

Greenblatt made the announcement in an e-mail to the Institute community. In his letter, he emphasized the importance of leadership continuity and focused on Gray's length of service to MIT and her active and effective engagement with the Human Resources Leadership Team (HRLT), which has acted as the managing group for HR since the departure of former Vice President Laura Avakian.

"Given the extended period of search for the VP Human Resources, I feel that it is critical to maintain leadership continuity in this very important position. I am grateful to Margaret Ann for taking on these additional responsibilities," he wrote.

Gray joined MIT in 1991 as coordinator for training and development programs in human resources. Greenblatt noted that her role has "evolved significantly since then. She and her team have been involved in helping to implement change, providing professional development programs and building workforce and career planning initiatives at the Institute."

In her role as the "point person" for the HRL team, Gray has been meeting regularly with Greenblatt. "I would like to thank the HRLT members for their support and efforts during this time of transition," Greenblatt wrote.

He also noted that the search for the vice president continues. "We have not yet found a permanent candidate who can meet the high standards that MIT has for filling this critical position, but we are continuing the search in earnest," he wrote. Comments related to the search may be sent to

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on November 8, 2006 (download PDF).

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