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List of MIT Excellence Awards recipients

Recipients of 2006 MIT Excellence Awards:

Fostering Community

Marilyn A. Pierce, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Lynn A. Roberson, Student Support Services

getfit@mit team, MIT Medical and Information Services and Technology
Sean M. Brown
Jacqueline Cancell
Deirdre Neylon
Lauren Rosano
Kim Schive
Katherine Wahl
Maryann Wattendorf

Innovative Solutions

David J. O'Connor, Campus Police

Mary Weisse, Information Services and Technology

SAP Catalog Project Team, Administrative Services Department and Lincoln Fiscal Office, Lincoln Laboratory
Scott M. Ball
James Fragala
John Joyce
Robert Kaplan
Peter Krumsiek
Sabina McLaughlin
Edmund Rosson
Jo Ann Schachter
D. Mark Sprague
Frank Vecchia

VERA Leadership Team, Libraries
Ellen Finnie Duranceau
Nicole Hennig

Creating Connections

Cheryl Vossmer, Campus Police

Working Group Recycling Committee, Working Group for Support Staff Issues
Nancy Boyce
Diana Daigle
Ruth T. Davis
Amy Donovan
Andrea Finnin
Blossom Hoag
Mara Elena Karapetian
Steve Lanou
Cheryl Slowik
Bill Van Schalkwyk
Anne Wasserman

Serving the Client

Chester Beals, Information Systems Division, Lincoln Laboratory

Anne M. Hunter, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Sheila M. Kanode, School of Engineering

Flight Facility Team, Tactical Systems Technology, Lincoln Laboratory
Peter G. Amos
Nancy Barrett
John G. Benkert
Kenneth Bonk
Thomas Buell
Kenneth Burkett
Andre Guertin
Dennis C. Hamel
Michael Kilkenny
Charles Magnarelli
Robert Maynard
Kenneth McKenna
Bonnie McKowen
Christopher McNeil
Walter Moquin
Dale Morin
James Morrissey
Robert Murray
Michael Radoslovich
Glenn Rowe
Albert Theriault
David P. Ventura
Michael Wasson
James Wood

Bringing out the Best

Susan Rae Cohen, Office of the Arts

Stephen D. Immerman, Office of the Dean for Student Life

Unsung Hero

Robert Burns, Communications and Information, Lincoln Laboratory

Joanne Flood, Academic Media Production Services

Vicki S. McKenna, Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences

Tanis R. Teich, MIT Sloan School of Management

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