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Neuroscience council members announced

Provost L. Rafael Reif has announced the members of the new Advisory Council on Neuroscience.

The members are professors Edward H. Adelson, Emilio Bizzi, Emery N. Brown, Lorna Gibson (chair), David E. Housman, Nancy Kanwisher, Earl K. Miller, Terry L. Orr-Weaver, Robert J. Silbey and Li-Huei Tsai.

The charge to the council, which was announced by Reif last month, includes overseeing and coordinating faculty hiring and recruitment in neuroscience. The council will work to develop a coherent neuroscience program, focusing on how each of the principal neuroscience units at MIT can build its own strengths while also contributing to the Institute's larger success in neuroscience education and research.

The council will operate for a period of three years, after which time its role will be reassessed.

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