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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science awards

All students are EECS majors unless otherwise noted.

Anya Pogosyants UROP Award--for an outstanding computer science UROP project
- Beckett W. Stemer, math, Chicago, IL

Carlton E. Tucker Teaching Award--for excellence in teaching
- Anthony Accardi G, West Caldwell, NJ

Charles and Jennifer Johnson Thesis Prize--for an outstanding M.Eng. thesis in computer science
- Michael F. Lin G, Holmdel, NJ
- Philip J. Guo G, Westlake Village, CA

David A. Chanen Writing Award--for an outstanding paper in Course 6.033
- Tamara Stern 2006, Staten Island, NY

David Adler Memorial Thesis Prize--for an outstanding M.Eng. thesis in electrical engineering
- Michael Scott Bradley G, Bethesda, MD
- Christopher J. Emig G, Napa, CA

Department Special Recognition Award--for outstanding service to the department
- Robert T. Morris, Cambridge, MA
- Dorothy Curtis
- Joel Voldman, Somerville, MA
- Agnes Chow, Weston, MA

Ernst A. Guillemin Thesis Award--for an outstanding master's thesis in electrical engineering
- Lav Varshney G, Fayetteville, NY

Frederick C. Hennie III Teaching Award--for excellence in teaching
- Ola Ayaso G, Damascus, Syria
- Asfandyar Qureshi G, Lahore, Pakistan

George C. Newton Undergraduate Laboratory Prize--for the best undergraduate laboratory 6.111 project - fall 2005
- David W. Rush 2007, Boise, ID
- Christopher A. Wilkins 2006, Kennett Square, PA

George M. Sprowls Award--for an outstanding PhD thesis in computer science
- David G. Andersen 2005, Pittsburgh, PA
- Nissanka B. Priyantha 2005, Redmond, WA

George M. Sprowls Award--honorable mentions
- Emin Martinian 2005, Waltham, MA
- Simson Garfinkle 2005, Belmont, MA

Goodwin Medal
- Stephen Hou

Graduate Student Association--Counselor Award
- Alan V. Oppeheim

Harold L. Hazen Teaching Award--for excellence in teaching
- Adam A. Kumpf G, Tipp City, OH

Jerome Saltzer Award--to an outstanding EECS recitation instructor
- Joel I. Dawson, Cambridge, MA

Licklider UROP Prize
- David Moore-Pitman 2006, Broomfield, CO

MIT ACM IEEE Best Academic Advisor Award
- George C. Verghese

Morris Joseph Levin Award--for outstanding masterworks oral thesis presentation
- Thomas A. Baran G, Lancaster, PA

Northern Telecom/BNR Project Award--for an outstanding 6.111 laboratory project - spring term 2005
- Ravi Palakodety 2007, Libertyville IL
- Vijay Shah 2006, Canandaigua, NY
- Shi Ling Seow 2006, Teluk Intan, Perak, Malaysia
- Yun Wu 2006, Aurora, IL

Nylander Undergraduate Advanced Project Award--for an outstanding undergraduate project in EECS
- Kevin G. Der 2006, Concord, MA

Raymie Stata Award for Outstanding Teaching
- Hubert Pham G, Cupertino, CA
- Justin M. Paluska G, Northport, NY
- Saikat Guha G, Bihar, India

Richard J. Caloggero Award--for dedication and excellent service to the EECS department
- Amanda Cheng, Dorchester MA
- Claire Benoit, Somerville MA

Robert M. Fano UROP Award--for the best EECS UROP project
- Surasak Chunsrivirot 2006, Sisaket, Thailand

William A. Martin Memorial Thesis Prize--for an outstanding master's thesis in computer science
- Matthew D. Rasmussen G, Eden Prairie, MN

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 7, 2006 (download PDF).

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