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Sloan establishes Monosson Prize for Entrepreneurship Mentoring

To honor the memory of MIT graduate Adolf F. Monosson, an annual prize has been established at the Sloan School of Management by Monosson's friends, fellow alumni and business associates.

The prize recognizes the advice and counsel Adolf "Sonny" Monosson provided to classmates, clients, competitors, friends and students on entrepreneurial enterprises. Monosson was recognized by his peers and the press as a voice of reason.

In a business career that spanned 55 years after his graduation from MIT in 1948, Sonny Monosson created more than 10 businesses in the finance, publishing, computer and leasing industries. He invested his time and capital in many other startup enterprises and counseled hundreds of entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs on the personal skills necessary for success.

The Monosson Prize for Entrepreneurship Mentoring will honor those who support and guide business pioneers who are blazing new pathways to entrepreneurship. Professor Edward B. Roberts, the David Sarnoff Professor of the Management of Technology at Sloan, founder and chair of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center, will head the committee that will administer the annual prize. Nominations may be sent to Roberts in Room E52-535 or at The deadline is March 1.

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